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Ruben Wolkowyski, the chaco giant

The giant Chaco left mythological lands to become a legend of the Argentine Basketball and Sports Team.

Mythology has a strong connection with inland provinces. In Northern Argentina, peoples are still connected to ancestral cultural influences. Today there is a combination of very enriching beliefs and practices. That's why we should not be surprised that we talk about a giant Chaco, an individual who exceeds the average height. A man who was born in  Chaco  on September 30, 1973 and left his land to fight other giants. We're talking about Ruben Wolkowyski.

Colo or Colorado, as most know it, is a historic player in the Argentina  basketball team. He has been part of the  golden generation  who knew how to put the United States Dream Team to its knees in Indianapolis and Athens.

The giant Chaco, with 2.08 meters high, left the northern province to shine in Argentina and other countries around the world. Wolkowyski was the first to open the way for the Argentines to the Olympus of the Giants: the NBA. In 2000 he was part of the Seattle Supersics, in his second stage he played for the Dallas Mavericks. In addition to Argentina and the United States, the Chaco giant played in Uruguay, Poland, Italy, Puerto Rico and several seasons in Russia.

 The giant and its precious metals 

During his  career , Ruben Wolkowyski was able to hang the medals that any basketball player, even any athlete dreams. At the Pan American Games in Mar del Plata 1995 he won the gold medal. The same year he won the silver in the FIBA Americas Championship. In 2001 he would have his rematch in that championship and win the gold medal with Argentina.

One of the most valuable, undoubtedly, is the silver one in Indianapolis, which is a gilt that escaped. An error of the referee sentenced the defeat of one of the best Wolkowyski tournaments and the national team. It was in that tournament where the golden generation gave their first battle beating the Dream Team in their own home and in front of its people. In 2003 he would win a new silver medal of the FIBA Championship and the best would arrive the following year. In 2004, in Athens, in the supreme competition, the giant Chaco won the gold medal of the Olympic Games. Another competition where the United States suffered the hierarchy of the Argentine team.