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Rossi crowned his predominance with an unobjectionable victory

Matías Rossi, the Nova Racing driver who runs with Ford, won the Ciudad de Rosario Grand Prix, as part of the fifth round of the Road Tourism calendar. Gabriel Ponce de Leon (Ford) and Christian Ledesma (Chevrolet) completed the podium, respectively.

Rossi coronó su predominio

The final was left with wet track procedure because the asphalt tape had not dried in its entirety, so  Ponce de León left in the first place and, behind him did Rossi himself .

The first turn had many different situations, characteristic that allowed us to foresee  a race full of changes and vicissitudes . In the third corner of the route, Rossi did not make the ideal turning radius, Aguirre tried to take advantage and, in the eagerness to move forward, lost two places to Ledesma and Castellano, respectively.

In addition,  Leandro Mulet was clueless , which led to the entry of the security car,  and Martín Ponte , with the Dodge of the A&P Competition, relegating him to the thirty-ninth place.

In the relaunch, which was only developed  in the third lap, Diego de Carlo's Chevrolet got stuck on the bench and generated the second raid of the security car .  Emiliano Spataro , the representative of the Renault Sport Torino Team, had to abandon because of the breakage of a driveshaft.

Ponce de León, from the tip did not take risks when the race returned to its normal course, since the Juninense neutralized Rossi's attempts to overpass to take hold in the leadership. But  from the seventh round, Rossi's pressure began to be tireless , which shortened the existing difference until that time.

The third neutralization of the race came in the eighth round:  Federico Perez, with the Dodge del Coiro Dole Racing, suffered a touch of the back from Ponte and could never return to the track . Not only did  the Juninense  be out of competition; the one born in Concordia,  by order of the sports commissariat, was excluded by the maneuver  .

In the tenth lap, the local  Ardusso made a spin that took him to the 35th place .  Later on , the Torino rider would end up leaving because of an inconvenience in the transmission.  Alan Ruggiero , who was also the protagonist throughout the weekend, was affected by a problem in the box , a fact that hopelessly led him to the desertion of the race.

 Shortly thereafter, a maneuver involving Castellano, Aguirre and Ledesma ended with clusters and sanctions : the Dodge reef risked to move to Ledesma, but the miscalculation produced a touch with Castellano and the latter's dismissal. Ledesma came out unharmed, and retained the third place, but  Aguirre , later,  was recharged and positioned behind the born in Lobería .

While that was happening in the last stretch of the track - before the last curve-,  Rossi began to make a maneuver on the first corner of the circuit that would allow him nothing more or nothing less than win the race .

 The Del Viso rider started braking before reaching the second corner and overtook Ponce de León inside to jump to first place. 

The race, there, had a turning point: the security car entry and the Nova Racing car had to relaunch (for the first time) in the first place.  In just three laps as leader, the    Missile    had already taken more than two and a half seconds apart from Ponce de León. 

 The regular entry of the security car was the main factor by which the final ended for time  (25 laps were carried out of the 30 originally agreed).

Rossi's predominance throughout the weekend was crowned in the best possible way:  he unobjectionably won his 25th career at the TC and climbed to the tenth stage of the contest (still led by Urcera  ). In addition, with the triumph, he met one of the mandatory requirements to be able to fight for the title of the category.


Publication Date: 09/05/2019

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