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Podiums in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Argentina achieved an outstanding participation in the South American Adult of Bogotá, in rhythmic gymnastics, reaching several podiums.

Podios en Gimnasia rítmica

The 2019 South American Adult Single and Joint Championship took place in Bogota, Colombia. The  Argentine  National Team had podiums in Rhythmic Gymnastics by  Sol Martínez Fainberg . 1 GOLD, 2 SILVER and 1 BRONZE in Individual, and 1 SILVER and 2 BRONCES in Conjunto.

 Sol Martínez Fainberg  won the GOLD medals in Mazas, SILVER in Aro y Pelota and BRONZE at the All Around. In addition, the Set was raised with the SILVER in 3 Rings +2 Pairs of Maces and with the BRONZE in All Around and 5 Balls.

After the competition, Sol shared her sensations through her Instagram account

 “ A great experience for me sports career. I want to thank, mainly, all the technical team behind each tournament. It's been a big competition with a lot of emotions. I return to my house to continue working and fighting day by day, since in this competition I have not shown my best work. We return to charge batteries and meet new targets. Next stop: Spanish Championship” .

Celeste D'Arcangelo: 5th place in Aro with 15,450 units (3rd in the ranking with 16,350); 5th place in Ribbon with a score of 12,250 (6th in qualifying with 11,750); and 9° in the qualifying of Maces with 12,650 points.

Sofia Bergliaffa: 7th position in Maces with 12,550 points (7th in the ranking with 13,500); and 11° with 10,200 in the Ribbon ranking.

SET (Virginia Lopez, Valentina Londero, Ana Paula Arrascaeta, Karen Morales, Giuliana Casini Rabasa and Maria Eugenia Reyna): BRONZE in All Around (24.95 points); SILVER in 3 Rings +2 pairs of Maces (12.95 units); and BRONZE in 5 Balls (12.05 points).

  “ A bronze South American!Now continue to work hard and passionately,”  the gymnasts posted on the Instagram of the Conjunto team.

The team was accompanied by the coach Ana Josefina De Rossi and Vanina Lorefice.

source: Enard

Publication Date: 15/06/2019

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