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Paulina Gramaglia: little gigan “T”

At only 16 years old, Paulina Gramaglia takes a hit and grows between the albiazul and the albiceleste shirt. The “T” is his first love and football is his passion.


Paulina Gramaglia was trained from the beginning in Talleres. Today she is one of her most important players, and Matador's number-one scorer. Pauli turns 17 in March, and already has more than 50 goals scored for the “T”.

Since little girl goes behind the ball. In his family, football was not part of everyday reality. However, Pauli followed his destination. Life crossed it with little elementary schoolmates and friends from the neighborhood who invited her to play. So, from a very young age, she discovered her passion.

At the age of 12 he was tested in Talleres. It was thanks to his aunt, who told him that the club was running tests. Pauli cheered up and went with everything. From that moment on, she didn't take off her coat. She's almost always the smallest of the teams. Her talent leads her to play increasingly in higher divisions. Atthe age of 13 he made his debut in the Cordovan league.

While her career as a footballer promises a lot, the scorekeeper does not leave aside her studies. He goes to Manuel Belgrano high school, and he is quite an example to follow.

Pauli accompanies the struggle of women's football and feminism. This sport is growing little by little, and the scorer grows next to him too. The Cordovan women's football league is becoming visible and taking place in the championships. And, with scorers like Paulina Gramaglia, it gets a little easier.

With the tape on the arm

Not only is she the youngest scorer on the “T” squad . Paulina Gramaglia She's also captain. It all started when the coaching staff of the selection Argentina under 15 and 17 realized visions in Rio Tercero. The lead was , was among the 19 selected. And she was chosen as captain!

In addition, Paulina Gramaglia is a great reference for all those who start their career in the world of football. With his family attended marches such as the 8M and the Ni Ua Minus. Your commitment to the society is visible. In addition, it fights for the professionalization of football Female with nails and teeth. Little by little, space is being made in the selected and in the league. At 16 he's already a figure.

Thank you, little giant!

Publication Date: 02/02/2020

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