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Messi with Boca T-shirt

Could Leo Messi wear the blue and gold? And give the punch to finish your career? Juan Román Riquelme would be fundamental in this step.


Reasons why  Leo Messi  could wear  Boca  's shirt.

Most probably mark this material somewhat yellowish (and bluish). Well, yes, I admit it, it is. But let me offer a vision to get out of the box and fantasize a little. To fuel the desire of a large national faction to see it nearby and enjoy the largest, for many in history.

I tell you because I think this is doable

 Leo Messi is negotiating his contract with Barcelona . Undoubtedly it is the club of his loves and from which I would like to retire in large. For this reason Barsa seeks to retain it, basically, until the next World Cup. And make sure that  no club of your direct competition  (those who play the Champions League) can tempt you with a historic and surely controversial pass.

 Hardly Messi will miss the next World Cup.Obviously, he will seek that consecration to close his career and be unquestionably the greatest .  Hopefully in this we will all agree to encourage every last sigh and to see it at the top. As he deserves.

In my opinion, there are three possible alternatives, with almost the same chances.

The first is that he  closes his career in Barcelona . The second is that he returns to the club that saw him born, almost as in gratitude for those first steps: " La leprosy “,  Newells Old Boys  of  Rosario , who has well deserved to enjoy it for a few months.

And here comes the batacazo, which I think is an alternative that should go round in his head. But the truth is, a lot of his friends would pay to play in Boca. Well... let's just say they'd resign a few million euros. And believe me there are no preferences here, no favoritism. Club Atlético Boca Juniors awakens an epic that transcends fans. Leo himself has expressed his preference to play in the mythical “Bombonera” wearing that of the  Argentine National Team . It's definitely special for anyone, playing for or against, isn't it?

It is true that there is still enough

They're just agreeing on their last contract, but it's important to mention that Leo asked for an escape clause, just in case JR calls him? Well, it is known the excellent relationship and mutual admiration, plus the popularity of the club and the blow of effect that this could bring to fans of the football world and the millions of fans of Leo Messi.

Once again, Leo is Barsa and probably costs him a lot of detachment from the Catalan world, he plays there “as in the garden of his house”, but at that point I think JR will have prepared the red carpet or the helicopter to lend him his... and give the big blow at the end of his term in a historical way.oacute; rich.

 Speaking of the garden of his house, I think that statement by Juan Román Riquelme, in the direction of his club, stating that it would be a dream for Messi to come to Argentina to wear theblue and gold .

Speaking of Gold, Messi has already played with the yellow, well yellowish, as I told them at the beginning and well that it suits him, since these common points, among many others, could once again revolutionize football.

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Publication Date: 27/06/2020

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By: Martin Rodríguez 27 June, 2020

Un delirio Marcos, perder en Madrid te afecto.

By: El Xeneize 14 August, 2020

En respuesta a

Martín, se vé que aún te lastima el descenso. Esa si es una mancha que no se borra nunca mas. jaja

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