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Mendoza rides a mountain bike

The sport of cycling and mountain is consolidating in Mendoza. Now, in the Panamericano, title and podium for the Mendoza mountain bike.


The province of La Rioja, in the town of Chilecito, hosted the Pan American Mountain BikeChampionship , in the specialty XCM. It is about the evolution of what was the Cable Carril Cup, a few years ago. Today it is ratified as an international competition, bringing together the best representatives of the continent.

The Championship offered two tours. One of 70 kilometers for categories older and another 30 kilometers for promotional, sub 30, promotional master, promotional master plus 50 and promotional ladies. All in the framework of an overwhelming day, under the sun and the high temperatures that characterize this region.


In Elite UCI, the best placed Mendoza was Macarena Bravo, who finished in fifth place at 22' 41'' of the winner, Carolina Maldonado (Cba),who recorded 3 h 25' 04''. Sixth and seventh were the Sanrafaelina Valentina Santorini, followed by Pilar Adoue.

In Master “A” UCI, Gisela Bravo stayed with the mountain bike runner-up. Another Mendoza completed the podium,Lili Poggio.

But it was in Master “B” UCIthat Mendoza got his champion, Andrea Berlanga, who timed 3 h 56' 42'', while his partner, the Alvear Viviana Lima, qualified third to 11' 46''.

Finally, in Master “C”, the best Mendoza located was the Sanrafaelina Adriana Alos,who was second, while in the fourth place finished Josefina Bunjiel.

The children

In masculine too there were several podiums for the province, highlightingFederico Mallo, Pan American champion in Master “A1” UCI, and third was Gonzalo Oh, Gili.

In “B1”, Roberto Serrano completed the podium with the third step, while queen “B2”,José Adi was was the Pan American mountain bike runner-up.

Another runner-up for Mendoza was that ofNicolás Garcia in Master “C1”, who got second place. They were also champions: Aníbal Fernández in “C2” UCI', Carlos Medina in “D1” UCI and third was Rodolfo Cozzari. While in “D2” UCI, Miguel Jara was also crowned champion. In minors David Correa finished third just like than Santiago Estoco in Cadets.

Publication Date: 16/12/2019

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