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Matías Sandes: “The National League has a high level”

The Mendoza pivot Matías Sandes spoke with us at a distance. He has a race for a while and he claims he would have gone to Europe a little later.


Matías Sandes is 35 years old and plays in Boca Juniors. However, his vast career led him to play in Europe and to wear the blue and white in repeated occasions. A Mendoza who made basketball his own life story. Cataract of questions, Whatsapp audio minutes. This is the result.

“ I started playing basketball when I was 5. But since my dad and all my family were playing, we can say that I play my whole life,” says Sandes. “My first club was San Jose, but only a couple of months, in pre mini category. I went to that club because my dad and uncle were playing there.” Not However, Sandes changed course quickly: “From there I went to Murialdo, who was the only team in which I played in Mendoza. Because from there I passed directly to Boca.”

The Old Continent

“ To Europe I left boy, 21 years old. That way I would have liked to go a little more than big. Have played two or three more years in the League. I went very young, to a club. very large as the Tau Ceramics, which today is called Baskonia. And at that time the club was super populated with good players,” Matías confesses. In addition, it adds who was loaned to another club: “I went to a second-rate team. To the other year I go back to the Tau, but I have to go get another team and that's why I fall to Fuenlabrada, also in Spain”.

And there, Sandes came to stay: “I did all my years in Europe at that club. It was a very positive experience. Even the return to Argentina would have hit it a few years later. But it coincided with the crisis in Spain and, to be honest, I didn't really want to be fighting and I decided to turn me back. But of course, today, as we are here, I think I would have stayed a while longer.”


“ Luckily I had to be in good teams. With good players. Perhaps it is difficult to say which title is the most important, but the one that the more I enjoyed was the League I won with St. Lawrence. It was the best time of my career, for a personal matter. and family. There were others with a greater dimension, but that was the one I liked the most.”

Argentina National Team

“ I started from a very small age. In the major selection I made my debut when I was 17. In a tournament where Rubén Magnano was as a technician and decided to take two juveniles, including me. They were tournaments in Australia. That was my debut with the selection.” However, Matías shared the team with the Golden Generation, and this is not always good: “The counterpart of that is that there was no room for many players. There was a lot of level. We had to take advantage of qualifiers, pre-World or pre-Olympic. But hey, any tournament is nice to play with the national team.”

Best player and technician with whom he shared teams

“ I had to play in very winning teams, with great players. I couldn't tell you one in particular. That way, with the national team, I had to play with Luis Scola, with Pablo Prigioni, with Delfino. And at the team level I was with very good players from international quality”. While, as for the technician, he points out: “ headdress is

Publication Date: 04/12/2019

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