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Mateo Vincitorio: in Madrid's basketball with paranaense ball under his arm

A while ago, we told you about Mateo Vincitorio's European challenge. A young man from the capital entrerriana who was awarded a scholarship to play basketball.

The  stop in sports activities  due to the  pandemic  in Argentina led him to look for new options and professional destinations. The idea began to gain momentum when he watched his peers migrate to various foreign academies.  Matthew knew at a young age that he was born to play  basketball  and it is the passion that has motorized him ever since .  So, during the quarantine, he put together a video of his transitions with his dad's help and sent him waiting for answers . After so long waiting, one day came the great opportunity to leave, only temporarily, the Atletico Echagüe Club that saw him grow. He was summoned from the Zentro Basket in Madrid, so he put together the bag and started a new dream.

His arrival in the Spanish capital coincided with  a historic snowfall  that echoed around the world for its rarity. But not everything was white and perfect, since the weather presented logistical drawbacks. So he had to temporarily move from the club pension for a couple of days and had difficulty training. In dialogue with Uno Entre Ríos, the young man reported that on his arrival he could only share a practice with his team. It happens that the streets were cut off, cars could not pass, and that made it impossible to return to the court for a week. Likewise, he argued is not the biggest fan of the nine and that after a while tired.

 Jet lag routine 

When things change in our lives, so do everyday habits. Referring to the  functioning of his routine , the basketball player explained that he coexists with certain guidelines that cannot be changed.  In this sense, he commented that in the pension there are more than 20 athletes, and that their schedules depend on training . For example, there are some that are individual and others group. Preparations to leave the residence consist of having breakfast two hours before and then leaving for the court accompanied by coaches. To get to the place of practice, he had to use the metro by the blocks of the streets.

Following the demanding pace and storm that invaded  Madrid , entrerriano was able to travel a few parts of the city. At first, he only had time to stroll around the center. For what he did have space in his agenda was for food. In this regard, he enthusiastically expressed that the menu given to him in the pension is excellent. He checked it as soon as he settled, when on the first day they offered lamb and the next salmon, something he found incredible.

 With clear goals 

Although Matthew hasn't finished high school yet, his  career goals  are  well planted  . In this way, he asserted that  his goal in Madrid  is to learn as much as he can about  basketball  and contribute to his new team. Although most of all, he has  the longing to step back  on the floor of Echagüe to give him everything he gave him.

Finally, about the European experience, the basketball player alluded to the second coronavirus outbreak. Thus, he revealed that in Europe they live with the disease, but that in the area where he lives there are no closures. However, he stressed that there is permanent prevention. To the point where they train with fadget, an aspect he defined as complex, but one gets used to.

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