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Mario Pergolini's resignation in Boca amplified a crisis that worsens day by day

Vorterix's entrepreneur and artistic director resigned as first vice president of the xeneize institution, causing an inocultable earthquake among all involved.

Mario Pergolini

Many times it was used, used and used the expression “ Boca Juniors  is a cabaret”, a phrase coined by a well-known ex-player, someone who perhaps transcends much more by this assertion, than by his limited sporting achievements in that institution. The truth is that Mario Daniel Pergolini's not-so-surprising resignation from the vice-presidency of the club of his loves, along with everything he uncovered before and after, has acquired in recent days the dimension of something much bigger, scandalous and inexhausteably media than that site saturated with alcohol, light women and cheap bully fights. In the middle of a season where the success achieved by the first squad in the already disappeared “Copa Diego Maradona”, a valuable achievement in times of pandemic that remained in consideration far less than an antacid in a glass of water, the situation after the first vice president announce his resignation is more serious than it seems. Fans of the team a week after the departure of the well-known entrepreneur, wonder if this will be the step that directs things towards a solution or just the ignition of a wick that in the coming weeks will culminate with a very deep and eroding detonation. The Rivera club that exhibits unquestionable popularity in all social spheres, today is undoubtedly the favorite target place that always take advantage of well-known rivals and also those who do not tremble the pulse to effect “friendly fire”.


After the successful victory of Miguel Ángel Russo's team against Defensa y Justicia, four days after the expansive scandal that obviously caused the departure of the young first vice president, the xeneize institution announced that  Juan Román Riquelme  would make his appearance on an Instagram account, which everyone thought as the first appearance of the immeasurable Boquense idol to talk about what happened. None of that happened in that social network account called “Bocapredio”, where the football star spoke just 100 seconds, alluding to things more about institutional nostalgia than to the serious issues that placed the legendary team of the mythical Buenos Aires neighborhood inside the Volcano Krakatoa east of Java. The countless followers of the great midfielder will have celebrated that appearance as a very subtle gambeta from the idol to the media, but in reality those videos filmed to inaugurate the club's digital platform, all they did was certify that even with a few simple promotional clips, the decision wetting his ear to the former owner of the production company Cuatro Cabezas was a fait accompli. Speaking of celebrating, no one still seems to have learned that social gatherings of more than ten people are forbidden by keeping a distance, something that obviously did not happen on the birthday of Tevez's daughter, the only idol left to  Boca  still standing on a playing field, who celebrated with her firstborn at a well-deserved party, but whose organization was out of the face of the serious health problems that the world is going through.


Mario Pergolini


In the institution rumors had grown during the night of Tuesday, March 30 in prominent size, but only those versions took another sense when finally at noon Mario Daniel Pergolini announced his Instagram account to announce that he had resigned with cara The vice-presidency of Boca Juniors, a video that exploded the dust accumulated for weeks alluding to the insufferable relationship that the tech entrepreneur had with the people of the Football Council, a squad of ex-players with Riquelme's operational merit. During those seconds he recorded to transmit the information, Pergolini confirmed the resignation from office; he said that “there is no reverse, there were no fights with anyone, but I could not carry forward I wanted it and that is the reason. I have not fought with Jorge (Ameal, president of Boca) or Riquelme (Juan Román, vice and head of the Football Council), people who want the best for Boca, but you have to understand sometimes that he carries proposals that can not be carried out or does not find ways to accompany him,” argued prestigious and charismatic conductor of “CQC”.


In addition to those expressions, the television animator said that “we have to know how to take a step to the side, I did not want this stir to arm, I understand why it happens, but I am here to confirm that I presented the indeclinable resignation to the first vice presidency of the club. I wanted to leave this on my account and continue to support this Steering Committee, this President and the Football Council. Boca is what I love most on this planet and I want what is best for him, but I am certainly not the person who can give it to him, at least right now. I really thank all the partners and fans for letting me be their vice president during this time,” he closed with his throat somewhat affected by having to transmit such news to the fans of that team. The seconds after that video filming never transcended, but they must have been brutally painful for a person who, with a career fully done, risked his prestige for this sporting passion, achieved a daunting result after numerous months in which his attempts to change his face to the institution collided head-on with the hard optics of the Football Council.


Mario Pergolini


Mario Daniel Pergolini's departure from the first vice-presidency of Boca on Wednesday, March 31, became the epilogue of a very particular relationship with President Jorge Amor Ámeal, a link that increased his operational space with the last elections, developed in December 2019, when the pandemic was still a word in the dictionary that sounded strange to pronounce on these sides. Now, with the fait accompli, there are some questions: Did Love manipulate Pergolini by placing him on his side knowing that he needs a much younger vote and less placed in the master profile of the institution, when the elections did not appear with a percentage of vote that would calm him down in the polls? Beyond the unquestionable presence of Juan Román Riquelme as a candidate for second vice president, something that dragged suffrages in a devastating way, was it to turn to Pergolini to show a renewal in the leadership structure of the club, something that, in the light of the facts, seems to have remained in nowhere? The truth is that, far from provoking tranquility in the xeneizes fans, things there in the Brandsen street stadium took a temperature a week ago unprecedented, perhaps because of the absence of justifications on the part of the renunciator to sustain his decision not to belong anymore as director of the institution. Oacute; n boquense, a unit that at the time of attendance at the competitive polls, almost a year and a half ago had reported more than 50 percent of the votes in games against Daniel Angelici's candidate.


It is very clear that the forms and ideas preached by Mario Daniel Pergolini, undoubtedly in that rarefied climate collided again and again with those that really go down the line in the club that achieved the last two local titles. The power that the television and radio animator could supposedly exercise did not have much imposition on the operational structure, a crisis in which the opinion or comments of the young leader was poorly respected. Undoubtedly over the months, this turned into a tropilla digging against the foundations of a gunpowder factory, incessant drilling that culminated in the resignation of the young radio conductor fed up with the groseos and desplants of the Football Council, a team led by Riquelme and several ex- well-known players of the institution. The truth is that every time the first vice president tried to count on players for the club's diffusional actions, from the CDF they sent him to fry churros and laughed in his face, attitude actually dressed in silence and disregard for that manager. A few hours after Mario Daniel Pergolini made public his resignation from office that he was not allowed to exercise in full, the president of Boca, Jorge Amor Ameal, went out to put cold cloths, but did not do it with the ideal terms to placate the huge fire he had started from a video of Instagram. “He left because he didn't feel comfortable. It is normal to happen,” said the headline xeneize, but his words sounded like fulfilled and not much more.Critics of this formula that won the presidency of the Rivera club in late 2019 did not lag behind and left hard ammunition about it. “What happened is very simple, a list created to win the elections was made, but not a balanced and firm team to lead the institution, here we have the consequences, the Board of Directors does not exist anymore, Ameal lost all power and consideration in Boca”, was the commentary com one among those who resigned their chances in the 2019 electoral competition.

The short circuits between Mario Daniel Pergolini and the Boca Football Council were not only linked to the strictly diffusional of the institution, a situation in which the CDF xeneixe literally took the reins of the club, assuming an exercise of authority from the Ezeiza site, detectable place from where undertake conduct independent of the leadership's decisions, without forgetting mistreatment and abuse of persons outside that circle of trust. It is clear that any person outside the CDF structure is not authorized to enter this property. One day the vice president came up to coordinate some diffusional maneuvers and the way they received it was at least embarrassing. “What are you doing here? “, Cascini asked Mario Daniel Pergolini, which literally meant a declaration of war. Anyone could understand that what happened showed the level of lack of control currently existing, if an employee deploys the club's vice president in that way. This made things very intense, especially when the weather was rarefied after several meetings of the vice president with his people along with the CDF people, looking for club players to be interviewed by the sports institution's channel. In those arduous meetings, the response of the team that placed Riquelme underneath him were lapidary, when this task force made it known that for such diffusional action he preferred to put his own people to coordinate and record the total required notes. The first vice president at that time accepted that request, which was taken as an advance surrender of his power to this unit of people managed by the historic midfielder.


Rumors of Mario Daniel Pergolini's resignation from Boca's vice presidency appeared in the first days of March, held off the record in the decision the manager had made, but without defining the date of that resignation. When they were embodied, the radio animator used his morning cycle in Vorterix to invalidate those versions that flew over his job in the club of his loves. “This morning I received several messages from Román (Riquelme), with the best wave, in which he told me that on TV they were saying things that are not”, was the driver's operating skeleton when it came to disabling rumors, but, however, short circuits were increasingly frequent and lacerating. . Things really got heavier every day, the impossibility of realizing the objectives that had been proposed collided with the structure of the CDF, which virtually laughed in his face. The most powerful and challenging detonation came when a new social media account appeared under the slogan: “More stories. More football. More Boca. From this Saturday you will see the club you love like you never saw it”, message that started from a brand new account called “BocaRedo”. The publication that came out on the official networks of Boca, invited fans to follow the account, was opened but only last Sunday was launched with the appearance of Riquelme, who at 19 hours on April 4 appeared in two recorded videos that not only did not bring clarity to the crisis existing after the vice-president's resignation, but seemed fraught with a great underestimation typical of sports stars, so that a community of jerks celebrates ignoring the real result.

A week after Mario Daniel Pergolini's resignation, when the beginning of the long Easter holiday was a reality, the former manager assumed that it was necessary to face behind the slam exercised hours before the surprise of certain media and much of the fans. In his Vorterix program called “Curse is going to be a beautiful day,” the talented driver and media entrepreneur referred to the resignation he had renounced the vice presidency of Boca Juniors. “Yesterday I presented my resignation to the club of my loves, to which I always go as a kid. I was lucky that with Ameal they chose us to drive it. When you present yourself to this, you are taking responsibility. I am a person who has gone from being sometimes in the popular when I was a kid, on the stalls when you get big and comes the possibility, but I've never been within the politics of the club. While we were working when we were on the campaign and we were lucky enough to join Román (Riquelme), who was certainly the one who defined all this, I asked what things I could bring them from my knowledge. The formula was them. With the grace of both of us, grateful, honest and proud and they are not words that I put because yes. They told me they wanted me to stay just because I wasn't linked to politics and give another look.”

Mario Pergolini


“During this very atypical year and months I have learned a lot. And in the middle, I thought it was a good time to take this vision that I had, and that it wasn't going through football. As a Boca fan, you have to do the things you know. If you don't know how to do it, you have to run. And that's where my decision yesterday passes. I heard a lot of things, and they're understandable. Of course the decision is the sum of a lot of things, and not a small thing. There are no things that strident to say. What if I noticed is that I could not carry out this vision that I had of what the club could do, and that surely at some point it will end up doing it, but not in the way that in my consideration I think they should be correct. I also come from a stick where I need to be more executive and give orders. Maybe it's not my times, and it can't be carried out in the times that I believe. The truth is that I can contribute from what I think was successful and I did well. I can do it from marketing and technology, and of course to media. There is a combination in which one has to understand that a channel is not just a channel, an account is not an account. Today, brands do not ask us for a batch or presence only. We're giving it to him because mouth marketing works incredibly, as are the other areas, but from where I can't contribute.”


Mario Pergolini


“If you can't do what you want to do and you can't do it, you have to run from the places and not stay just because the place is good and because it is important I can say it after having lived it. It is amazing what produces being in such a respected place and that goes to feelings as big as those generated by Boca. I think you can do a lot of technological things, which I think they're going to end up doing them. But not the way I think they're right. It's not going through “El canal de Mario.” I think Boca should do it, like every club has it. Channels like and understand today not only YouTube or what can be done in the program, but also interaction with social networks. I'm not going to be so naive as to say “we're all barbarian.” For me, communications must all go together and have to have a way of being carried out, and especially in the last year and a half we have done very well, but there must be certain coherences. And when you can't be within that coherence, I think that breaks and I can't carry it out, because it's complicated and I don't have to contribute. And when you don't have to contribute... you have to go. I did it with television, which I left when if I wanted I could have stayed until yesterday.”


“I don't like to take places to occupy, for having achieved it and falling asleep in it for the mere fact that I have achieved it. It doesn't make sense. I explained it to the people I have accompanied, with whom I had a very pleasant talk. Of course passionate and sometimes in different shades. But what I can say is that the truth looked limited, and the best thing I can do is just cum and let things flow. Because if not one happens to be the one who slows down all movements. Not only those that I wanted to accomplish, but those that others wanted to do in other ways, and who have the same right as me to carry them forward. Since I couldn't do it, I couldn't carry it forward and I had everything halfway, I'm going. There is no doubt that there is another channel of communication, that when you see it is armed that is not how you would, with everyone walking as models, is not what I intend. Which doesn't mean it's wrong. But that's not what I would do. In that case you have to run quickly and let it do. I understand this hits. 'Am I angry? No. Anyway, I'm frustrated. It makes me a little sad not being able to achieve something in a place you want so much and where I will continue to go and where I will continue to contribute from anywhere. We talked about it with Jorge. If I can contribute, I will always do it, as I did and would have done if I hadn't been part of the formula.”


Mario Pergolini


“Boca is a very intense club, with many different voices and interests. But what I have no doubt is that whoever is carrying it on, Ameal, is a guy who really thinks in the mouth and puts it on top of everything. Even for things that others propose to him. And on the football side a lot I can't get in. The truth is that it's a little more secluded and they're handled in a way that I don't agree around, like doing these things in a holistic way. I insist: one cannot stay in one place just because it is good. The place was great. They put you in a place to do... And I couldn't do it. I didn't find a way to do it. The few or many votes that came because I was and trusted in me will try to keep adding up as I did on other occasions. If anyone is disappointed, I apologize to you. The truth is that I do not have the capacity to generate empathy in what I think needs to be carried forward, especially in what is technology and communication. It doesn't seem to me that an app is just an app. It seems to me that something that has to be at the service of the partners. Surely this commission is going to do it, both football and Jorge. Which is the same thing, but there really are two heads.”


“Beyond the momentary anger that causes one's frustrations, there are decisions that need to be made sooner rather than later. It is useless to stretch it, because all it does is waste time and wear out much more relationships that were already worn out. The truth is that this wasn't the case, but I don't like to take places because yes, or that there are different interests. This is Boca, we're a second in his whole story. This is the most sincere thing I think I can tell. I won't give notes. Because this is very big and there is also passion in this. I liked walking on the court. I liked everything. I apologize if anyone questions me that I said I was going to commit to something I couldn't do. But they want to do them differently. And for it to be done otherwise, I have to run myself. If you want to communicate separately, go ahead. It's not my vision. I don't know how to carry it out like this, with more comprehensive things. It seems to me that the people who handle communication should be from Boca or minimal fans of Boca. It's not getting an agency, getting anyone and being able to do it. It seems to me that you can give instructions on a global thing. But that's my vision, and maybe it's not a good vision. And otherwise I can't carry it forward. I talked about it yesterday with the president. He's a good guy, sincere, frontal. And what puts Boca ahead of his life. I don't have to say anything about Riquelme. Undisputed idol, who also wants the best for Boca.”


“The concrete thing is that we don't have the same visions, or at least not at this time. And I don't have the same vision of them. I'm the one who doesn't know how to serve them to make this work. No more than this. You won't hear anything from me on this issue anymore. We're in good hands, don't have doubts. There's going to be sizzles, like everywhere. In some they hide under the carpet. The truth is, we're in good hands. We are very passionate yawners, we love the club very much, we get involved, represent us, but you don't have to stay somewhere because you do. I can't. It's stronger. It happened to me when I sold my company and it was on TV. And I left. It's good, bad, I don't know. It brought me a thousand problems, no doubt. But I have to do the things I can do. Things that give me fire to keep doing. Maybe I'm useless. But this decision had to be made. If one is not good for what was chosen, you have to go. Thank you.” The almost fifteen-minute speech that deserved to be transcribed in its entirety shows a control of his emotions executed by understanding that what happened did not deserve a controversy that provoked more controversy and the media wave of opinions putting more fuel to the fire, hours in which the animator in this tense situation clarified that he would not grant notes to any medium, thus seeking to lower the decibels rennet in view of the seriousness of what happened in the crossing of monthly calendars. .

Mario Pergolini


How are things a week away from Mario Daniel Pergolini's resignation? Until Tuesday night, the invisible tension that was breathed on Holy Thursday seemed to loosen that volume, but not on a scale that would bring absolute tranquility. The image of Riquelme and Ámeal witnessing a team training hours before the Boca versus Defensa y Justicia match, should be read as a concrete support from the president to the second vice president with the limitations of the case. Jorge Amor Ameal showed his physical flimmness during the past month when he was affected by respiratory inconveniences, a problem that led to think that there were not only rumors the versions of a transfer of power, but with the speedy recovery of the manager, rumors changed color, when some media were he said that this first president of Boquense could abdicate power, giving everything to Juan Román Riquelme and company. This maneuver would obviously advance the times that the remarkable athlete had in terms of running as a candidate for president, because the versions of an electoral battle in a few years for the club's scepter before a Carlos Tevez who does not rule out being a candidate for that leading place from the opposition that of some form embodizes the hosts of Daniel Angelici. Looking to divert attention in recent hours with supposed passes, a range of versions were known that point to the arrival of players such as Edinson Cavan, Sergio Romero and Lucas Torreira as future acquisitions for the first of the Ribera team, but these passes are still in an ocean of discussions and complicated negotiations in which the time and the end of the European season will have the final word.


With the pain and discomfort of having left a place he had longed to access in order to change certain things of the club of his loves, Mario Daniel Pergolini remained clearly faithful to his principles. First not going around the existing crisis, giving the matter a resolution according to its very prominent professional past. If his pulse did not tremble one night to take out his coat and finish the television job after so many years in charge of “Caiga Quien Caiga”, neither should a delay be expected in his reactions to the concrete impossibility of carrying out the changes and modifications he announced in the previous being consecrated first vice president at Boca Juniors. Worried without hiding it before the consequences of desisting to hold a firm resistance to the minded Football Council led by Riquelme, the popular and well-known television conductor got out of a sports leadership space that always longed very much to his regret. Seeking in these hours that silence and calm vaporize what happened, the businessman who today settles Vorterix's artistic destiny will seek to forget the bad drink that meant this extensive and exhausting period alternating his work on the station, his ventures in video games and the function sports leadership. You will have to check in the future with much more tranquility if you decide to ventilate the reasons that led him to make this decision, but today his hours are busy in its communication structure located on Avenida Lacroze a few meters from its similar Alvarez Thomas. Assuming his impossibility to effect the changes he wanted, which were truncated in this leadership clash, today the talented executive of the communication industry relies on his family and contact group so that this bad experience does not truncate his desires to change the diffusional structure of a team where things are now they stay afloat. We will have to see what happens with Miguel Ángel Russo if the results do not favor Boca and not to mention another crossing with  River  for the Copa Argentina, in case the results are given. The heavy weather appears inocultable, weeks where more explosions could occur in the active xeneize institution, according to results and the match of players like Buffarini, without forgetting the embarrassment that meant both Pol Fernández's match last year and Abila's in the last few hours to American football.

Publication Date: 08/04/2021

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