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Mario Kempes: “It's a pride to have dressed the Argentinian shirt”

First part of the exclusive interview with Mario Kempes, where he tells us some memories of his time in the Argentine football team.


 By Jorge Barril Distinguished Football 

 Jorge Barril:  One saw that tall, big, long-haired striker who represented the archetype of the Argentine game. That he attacked, did not give for loss any ball, put his soul in each one, got into the Dutch area and ran over everyone. He was very clear that it was a final in the world and that a goal of his would cheer up an entire country as he did. He thrilled a whole country and this recognition is for one of the great football players in football history, the history of the world championships, a tremendous scorer. That's why I say: after life and God gave me the opportunity to know him, to work with him, to consider him a friend, but it seems almost a disrespect to start that side. That's a blessing you have. I want to present it as what it is, you imagine, scorer, world champion, first title for Argentina in Argentina, and that song we were listening to was the music of that world cup.

When you travel around Europe to tell games, yes, I've had to travel with Mario, you have to see the faces of guys who see Mario and their eyes can't blink, mouth open, and they say, “" Is it Kempes? “Yes, it's Kempes. They queue to greet him, of course, we are talking about players figure of the world, figures that you see today and die, that's why they die seeing  Mario Alberto Kempes , who gave us this time to talk with & eacute; l that for us is gold. Mario thank you for being with us I send you a big hug and welcome.

kempes young

 Mario Kempes:  Hello, it's a pleasure to be with you for a little while at least.

 Jorge Barril:  Well, Mario, thank you very much. What causes you when you listen to that music? I don't know if you listen to it regularly or you haven't heard it for a long time.

 Mario Kempes:  I don't listen to it regularly, I'm not going to say the years because if they're not going to realize that I'm 66. But it's been 43 years of this music and you never forget it. If the Argentine national anthem is for all Argentines, I think this music was our anthem at the time.

 Jorge Barril:  Yes, yes, it was the hymn. It was a town behind a world cup. A town as football as the Argentinean who had never had a world trophy, right? And what did it mean to you to have been so important to be able to get it? Because you have many figures from that world cup many players Pasarella, Luque, the Pato. We could continue, but I think the first figure that comes to you is Mario Alberto Kempes, right? That striker, long hair, fighting in the area against the Dutch coming to define in the final.

 Mario Kempes:  Well, first of all, it's a pride to be able to have dressed the Argentinian shirt. Defend her during, not only the three World Cup, because there have also been qualifying matches, there have been friendly matches. You wear the Argentine shirt even if it is a fan and you are already participating in that little that belongs to you to be another member of the  team . And what it represents, it looks great satisfaction, because there are thousands and thousands of players in Argentina, in the world. There are many players who have played world champions and yet we are very few who have been lucky enough to be champions. Already after scorers and best players in the world is already much shorter the difference. It really is one thing that surely with words there will be another that can explain it, but it is not simple to explain in words, because it is a feeling that you will never forget. If fans are never going to forget that Argentina has two world championships, neither are we going to forget that we were protagonists of one of those great world championships. You imagine for each one's story that's unimaginable.

 Jorge Barril:  No, no, sure sure and what is the fastest memory that comes to your memory? , of that world world, the first thing you think about what is the first image?

 Mario Kempes:  The first image is joy. People's joy. We entered the court and every match was the same. That satisfaction of being able to say good, Argentina is in its rightful place, the celebration of the people. It's not easy, if you have to put everything in the same bag, you don't get anything wrong, it's all so nice. Until the day after when you just don't become aware of what happened because I became aware of what happened just like a month, month and a half. But the next day you watched all the festivities in Argentina and outside Argentina on television, and you were more proud of having dressed the shirt and having made so many people enjoy.

“Diego's life (Maradona) was not easy (...) that's why he always lived in a golden bubble”

 Jorge Barril:  Mario is very difficult, not to ask yourself if we go from such a joyful moment to one out there quite sad. Diego left a little bit ago and I honestly think the first one who can have the authority to talk sportingly, right? I say as an icon of Argentine sport, sos vos. I'd like to know how you lived it. What feeling did you have? What happened to you?

 Mario Kempes:  Well look, unfortunately  Diego  's life wasn't easy. We have to start there, it wasn't easy, it was all uphill. Despite being up there at the top, it was always complicated and from there where the happiest lived I think it was on a court. Because off the court and I said it in the few interviews I gave, it was a jail, because he couldn't go out on the street, he couldn't enjoy the family. It couldn't be that happy person or that little bit of happiness that you have when you leave the house with the family, that you go to a park, you go to a restaurant, go anywhere or to the movies or go to the park and with the family. I couldn't do that, that's why he always lived in a golden bubble, but always in a bubble. And he didn't have a chance to be, for me, maybe he was happy in his own way. I was happy on the court and off the court, but as I have to talk about what I saw inside the court a  show .

with diego

“I was two days before the airport was closed (...) in Argentina because of the pandemic issue”

 Jorge Barril:  Mario who also has a very quiet personality, the man from Bell Ville when we worked together in Let's Talk about Football Where are you Mario? I'm in Bell Ville eating a roast with the old lady, she told me, didn't you?

 Mario Kempes:  When I was in Buenos Aires I was close now I'm a little further away to eat the asado.

 Jorge Barril:  Sure, but well, are you coming to Argentina? Are you coming often?

 Mario Kempes:  I was just two days before the airport was shut down there in Buenos Aires, well in Argentina because of the pandemic, so two days before I was in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza and I came back before the airports shut down and I came back again here for the United States. So a year, little bit more and it's going to be a year now.

“We are seeing a totally different Messi. (...) I see it as unwon, notice that even goals even celebrate sometimes. “

 Jorge Barril:  Mario we are going live for Barcelona through the 107.3  RCR Metro Barcelona  we are live for everyone via internet at  at and We talked a lot about Messi de Lionel. We tell people who don't know that Mario Alberto Kempes is one of the prestigious international football commentators within ESPN, lives in the United States and comments a lot of football, obviously. Tell me Mario, how do you see  Messi ? This moment in Messi, what do you think Messi is going to do you have any intuition? How do you get in his place? How do you live it?

kempes today

 Mario Kempes:  Well, I think what he's going to do only goes through his head and his representative from January 1, that's what comes to my mind, because you don't know what is going to happen. I think he already said clarito before starting this season that he didn't want to play anymore in Barcelona, then he had to rectify because he didn't come any money to leave and now he will have a chance that if he goes, he will leave before. But at the beginning of the season he showed that he was not going to be happy in Barcelona. That is, when you say you want to go and send all the faxes you want to send or whatever you want to send to the club that will not play anymore, because the decision is already made. And if they make you stay in a place where you're not comfortable, you're not going to play in the best way. And I think we're seeing a totally different Messi. A Messi as if he was sometimes lost on the court. Let's see if I understand the word, we will not take the word as some say it, but you don't see it with that enthusiasm. You can't see it with that joy that I could show before, two or three years ago. It is clear that the years are going on and if you are getting your friends out of the team and on top of you don't get people who might accompany you, knows you, gets more complicated and if the team doesn't win, worse yet. And that's why I see him as unwon, notice that even goals even celebrate sometimes. Goals played, I don't know if I'm wrong, but I think it's 4 or 5 and has a little bit of play goals. I mean, it's like you're having a cold and you're going to eat something and you don't feel the taste. And he's got to play, because he likes to play, because he likes to play, because he's cheerful on the court but he doesn't prove on the outside, maybe inside himself. But what it shows today, for me, is not the Messi we all know. I tell you more, I think he feels better now with the Argentine National Team than playing with Barcelona.

 Jorge Barril:  Yes, the roles were reversed. If you talked to Messi and you had, I don't tell you to advise him, because everyone lives his life as he lives it. You just talked about Diego and you said he was in a gold bubble and a lot of that happened. But Messi's situation is different, he lives with his family is rooted in Barcelona, is the club of his life. What would you suggest, what would you say to Messi today?

 Mario Kempes:  Oops, I think to talk to Messi you have to go through 400 doors to get there. Either way, I'm no one to advise him because I think he has people that I hope he won't make him wrong. Let them go with the truth ahead. I think every player has his personality. Maybe we think it quiet about doors to the outside, maybe indoors is totally different and maybe it's someone else. Maybe he decides more than we think. Or he talks more than we think, so advising a person being up there is very difficult. I think. Because I'm not giving advice. Everyone takes care of his life as he sees fit. But if you've already decided, or you already had a palabra, us you, but your representatives, with another club and there's practically everything to sign. There's already a little bit of the illusion of what you had. I don't think he's badly advised, but he's the one who has to give the last word.

“I think (Messi and Cristiano) have given everything they had to give. “

 Jorge Barril:  We were talking, I don't know if you agree, with this we raised at the beginning of the program, and already with this question I make the games so that the boys keep asking you. I argued that it gives the feeling that we are at the end of an era, at the end of the Messi-Christian era.

 Mario Kempes:  We are at the limit, at the limit

 Jorge Barril:  I am interested in your opinion. Are we on the limit for you? Why?

 Mario Kempes:  First, because I think they have given everything they had to give. I was looking at Cristiano the other day in one of the many games I've seen and already, still having a goal we're not going to discuss it, that is criminal or play from outside the area is scoring goal, but most of the goals have made them as penalty. The same thing is happening to Messi, that is, I don't know if it's because the years go by, which is one of the reasons or maybe Messi has changed the team a lot. And everyone next door, unless Ansu Fati, who is a kid with a spectacular cheeky. He's got the ball and he gives it to him when he wants. It reminded Mbappé a lot that having Neymar and Cavani next door, he had the ball and he did what he wanted and this kid does the same. Being Messi at best free doesn't give it and makes the move. In contrast, Messi before had people who gave him a lot of the ball still remains Jordi Alba, there are still many players who give it to save them somehow, but not everything can do Messi. Before, if, four or five years ago he could define you a match, a match, not win you a championship. I could define a match, today it's more complicated. Why? Because already the ones he faces are a little younger than him. They have a better reaction, or they know how to handle it better, or the coaches have seen him more, and Cristiano's the same thing, Cristiano doesn't take you a little bit of 25-30 meters anymore. He already plays you more or less by rounding the court. That is, time passes for everyone and we have been lucky to have 8 or 9 years, 10 years living together with these  shows  and we have enjoyed them.

 Check out the audio of the interview   here  

Publication Date: 29/01/2021

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By: Mufasa 29 January, 2021

Parece mentira.. pero hay jugadores que uno, solo los recuerda con la celeste y blanca (obvio que no es así) pero la representatividad, el corazón y lo que dieron por la selección tapa todo y los eleva. Desde luego que Mario es uno de ellos y agrego para las próximas notas a Caniggia y al Batigol 💪

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