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Maria Gabriela Díaz takes us on her bike

We tell you the biography of one of the most recognized athletes in BMX. The cyclist María Gabriela Díaz brought the glory to the territory of Cordoba.


 On January 2, 1981,  a star was born in Villa Maria. The department of Santa Maria, in the province of  Cordoba , brought light to the  world of cycling . This is Maria Gabriela Díaz, a Cordoban cyclist who  brought glory to the  territory of Cordoba. At the age of 8 she got on her first bike,  and she never got off again.  

It was the glory of the  BMX World Championships in 2001, 2002 and 2004 . But he wasn't enough with those titles... his passion and skill went further. So he kept spreading magic on the track.So she   won the Pan American Champion   at the 2007 Pan American Games. He didn't settle for his Pan-American gazebo, he continued training. And he kept winning. In the competition of the  Olympic Games  in Beijing 2008 he finished fifth, and won  the Olympic diploma . Gabriela won the bronze medal at the 2011 Pan American Games.


 Between  gold, silver and bronze ,  Maria Gabriela Díaz was formed. His career is full of triumphs, but also a lot of effort. Further or closer to the triumphs, he never stops riding his bike to disconnect from the world.  His inspiration and passion  come from the family and, as we always say,  what is inherited is not stolen.  Today it is  one of the most recognized cyclists in the country,  and it is Cordoba. Her younger sister, Mariana Díaz, also competes and awards herself  every time she can .

 Extreme Cordoba 

Extreme sports are a  tradition of Cordoba that  is growing stronger and stronger. Currently there are programs in the province that open spaces to train and give visibility to the different disciplines. Like the  CBAX program of the Cordoba Sports Agency.   Maria Gabriela Díaz  was our representative in the world of cycling, for many years. Almost 40 years after her birth,  it is an honor  to have had the blue and white depending on an athlete of such caliber. That is why we  celebrate his victories and praise his trajectory.  

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Publication Date: 01/06/2020

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