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Lucas Matthysse, the machine

Originally from Trelew, cradle of great champions of the Argentine box, Lucas Matthysse managed to win two world crowns.

 Lucas Martín Matthysse  is a former boxer and in his professional career he consecrated himself with various fights: his most remembered victories were for the WBC (World Boxing Council) and Welter World Boxing Association (World Boxing Association) titles.

“ The machine ”, as it is known in sports, was born on September 27, 1982 and is a native of the town of  Trelew , a few kilo meters from the capital of  Chubut , and was bred in the neighborhood Constitución, better known as the Thousand Housing in the  Village of Luis .

 His career ended in 2018 , with a final fight he lost: he was in September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, against “Manny” Pacquiao , internationally recognized for his titles and current president of the Philippine national ruling party.

But his having contemplated  43 professional fights : he debuted in 2004 knocking out Leandro Almagro, the fight was played in his hometown. The living legend of Matthysse is given for his great performances:  he has won 39 fights of which only 3 were by decision of points: the remaining 36 were by Knockout , something that is not very common in the world of boxing, because it must dedication, effort and unfold in such a way that reflexes help to not receiving strong blows.

Matthysse has stated in almost every interview that he has given that boxing is “everything in my life, thanks to him I have what I have. I lived and happened a lot of nice things,” and added that since his professional retirement he goes from time to time to train because he can not forget from one day to the other what he has done on a daily basis in recent decades,

 The Machine is also sincerized in what its lifestyle is like: humble in style , it differs from great figures with whom he has shared podiums, fights and friendships: the exhibition and a large number of crowds are not part of his daily life, as could be the way he carries the  “ Chinese”    Maidana  or   Sergio “Wonder” Martinez  ; “I was always this quiet. I don't like to screw me or screw me, I like to enjoy another way, in the tranquility of my house, going fishing or riding a motorcycle,” said the former boxer, at the same time adding that “everyone has a different way of being”. That closest style made the power of popular illusion not only in the province of  Chubut  but throughout Argentina every time he fought and won a new title. People would get together, prepare a bite and drinks to enjoy: some even bet on which round they would knock out their opponent.

From the first moment, Matthysse took boxing as his job, although he never thought he would reach such prestige and star in so many big fights; among his best matches, the   chubutense   indicates that went to Molina (the best of the year for The Ring magazine in 2014) and Ruslan Provodnikov's in 2015.

On his defeat to Pacquiao, the former professional boxer comments that “I was very excited, I had trained a lot, but things didn't come out, it wasn't my day.”

 Matthysse's sports story does not start or end in it: Mario , his father, also had his tour in the ring and is remembered as a fighty boxer. His brother, Walter Dario, was a professional boxer between 2002 and 2009 and currently his son - that is, the nephew of La Machina - is also part of the local sports history:  Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Jr , “the  Niño Terrible ”, who became the WBC superlight amateur world champion and is currently taking his first steps in professionalism. Matthysse women also climbed the ring, and  Soledad , their sister, was double world champion and has a record of 16 wins, 11 losses and a draw. His mother,  Doris , meanwhile, has a particular record: in a provincial tournament a competitor was missing and Doris, who had never competed practiced the sport, was encouraged to participate, and ended up winning the Chubutense championship. She's an undefeated champion.

The influence of the trelewense is such that a band has dedicated a song to it:   Falsa Cubana  released “La Máquina” in 2018 , days before what it will be, and Iacute; to his last fight against Pacquiao. “It is from the south... land of champions,” begins the lyrics written by the musicians from Trelew, like Matthysse, but based in Buenos Aires.

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