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“Lions” could not in penalties

The regulatory time ended 3 to 3 “The Lions” rescued a valuable point and closed a positive tour that added to the triumph against Britain.


After a vibrant draw 3 to 3, “The Lions” could not in penalties. And they ended up reaping a point on their visit to Germany.

A vibrant and emotional duel from the beginning to the end The

balance of the match played in Krefeld must be positive for “The Lions”. In addition, chances of qualifying for the semi-finals of the tournament are still open. Although < a href =” https://www.serargentino.com/pasiones/conocimiento/ciencia/pediatra-argentina-reconocida-internacionalmente "target = “_blank” rel = “noreferrer noopener” aria-label = “The balance of the match played in Krefeld must be positive for” The Lions'. e Argentina must achieve positive results in the three remaining games, as a visitor. (opens in a new tab) "> Argentina must achieve positive results in the three remaining games, as away.

Germany took advantage through a penalty of Timm Herzbruch 5 minutes after the match started. With 1-0, I finish the first half. Both teams attacked each other, forcing the opposing defenses.

Already in the second stage came the best

There were two goals almost stuck to 33 minutesby Martín Hanner and Leandro Tolini. Until the visit had five minutes of full lucidity when the flyers dominated the midfield. And between the 43 and 48 minutes Ignacio Ortiz and Agustín Mazzilli put the 3-2 partial. The Germans went for everything about the closure. And despite the goalkeeper of “The Lions”, Constantin Staib matched and brought the game to the shoot outs.

There were no advantages in the first round of five penalties. For “Los Leones” were right Rey (Casella became a criminal shot after an offense on the Argentine wheel), Ortiz, Mazzilli, Vila and Keenan. But Germany also had a 100 percent effectiveness. Until Wellen scored and Rey didn't, so the 6-5 was fixed on the scoreboard.

In statistics Germany had dominance in the possession of the bocha with 57 percent. Although “The Lions” were superior in bow shots, income to the circle and short. That is why the balance sheet is also positive.

Publication Date: 27/05/2019

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