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“The Lionesses” with the last breath

“The lionesses” defeated Germany and spread the undefeated. But more importantly, they were one step away from reaching the semifinals of the tournament.

In Krefeld,  “The Lionesses”  and the Germans did not play a good hockey match. But so and  the entire Carlos Retegui team showed temperament to turn the story back . In the absence of just 32 seconds before the end of the match, Silvina D'Elía put the 2 to 1 final. That allowed the team to get a suffered but very celebrated victory. In the short, Mendoza hit the table hard and in that way violated Sonntag's defense.

  Argentina  searched from the beginning 

Although he was not fluent in the associated game. Anyway, in the first quarter he had a very clear chance of goal. Rebecchi stole a ball and enabled Trinchinetti to define in solitude. However, the lead missed the chance and the scoreboard could not open.

 About the close of the first half there was a major scare.  Rebecchi herself fell heavily to the ground and her head bounced against the synthetic. However, after being cared for, she recovered.

Germany had no ideas either to reach Mutio's arch. And the match seemed to be definitely going towards a scoreless draw.

However, within 3 minutes of the complement Charlotte Stapenhorst received without marks near the circle, entered, turned and over D'Elia, took a flush shot that became 1-0.

From there he looked for Argentina

Five minutes after closing it was Valentina Costa who took responsibility for the short film. The shot, crossed, resulted in the tie.  Since equality we saw the best of Argentina . Jankunas had it on a couple of occasions. And immediately the fixed that D'Elía took advantage of for the Lionas to add their ninth victory in the tournament.

In a meeting in which they had less possession of bocha (56 to 44 percent) but greater number of arc shots (five against three), income to the circle (23 to 12) and short (four to two). In the numbers, also the winner was more than his rival.

Source: CAH

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