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Las Leonas return, with Mendoza presence

The field hockey team announced his return to training, after quarantine. Mendocine presence among the summoned.


For us, the people of Mendoza, it's news. We are happy when one of our own is summoned to be part of a national team.Even, we know many sports that we didn't know existed only since a Mendoza is crack in that and it's time to represent our country . That's why, in this note, we tell you about the presence of Mendoza in Las Leonas. Something to which the Albiceleste selection is already accustomed, with the passing of Maca Rodríguez or Pity d'Elia, among others. But the generation is renewed. And, the last names that have been entered on the list lately, another has been added in the last few hours: Gianella Palet.

National permit

Like the vast majority of group sports, field hockey was discharged to return to training, with a focus on upcoming competitions.Thus, Carlos Retegui, coach of Las Leonas, made the call for the return to the internship with Mendoza presence . Four players will start this preparation: Silvina d'Elia, from GEBA; Mariana Scandura, from Club Italiano; Gianella Palet, from Andino de Mendoza; and Delfina Thomé, from Liceo de Mendoza.

It is important to mention that they will do so under a strict protocol that, as a main measure, forces teams to divide into groups of no more than 10 people, keeping distance of 2 meters between each player and with the use of permanentcover .

Lioness from Puppy

All the Mendoza who were called by Chapa Retegui had their way through the lower divisions of the national team. However, the most recent is Gianella Palet, who won the gold medal at the Youth Olympics in 2018. But, in addition, Palet has stood out, and by far, in the Pan American tournament and in the different national competitions, representing Mendoza.

Jardel's resignation

The presence of Mendoza in Las Leonas could have been more nourished, if not for the resignation presented by Priscila Jardela few days ago. The front issued a statement on her Instagram account where she argues that she wants to think about other goals like going out to play outside or focusing more on other issues in her private life. Thus, Las Leonas were left without a very powerful weapon in the offensive.

The plan of the Sheet Metal

Retegui celebrated more than anyone else the approval given by the government for the return to training because, he believes, they were giving him a lot of advantage to the great powers. The entire team has already gone through the swab process and, if there are no problems, within 10 days they will resume their practices in a city in the interior of the country that is qualified to receive them. It will be trained in capsules format, it is

Publication Date: 26/06/2020

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