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The Laguna la Zeta Triathlon will reactivate athletic competitions and promote tourism in Esquel

The competition will take place between 20 and 21 this month.

El Triatlón Laguna la Zeta1

Argentine and Chilean athletes will participate in this event, which will be played in the Laguna La Zeta urban nature reserve, four kilometers from  Esquel , which combines landscapes of steppe and the Patagonian Andean Forest, where about 110 species of birds and 36 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish live.

The reserve occupies a site of 700 hectares with pine trees, mountain cypresses and maitenes, herbaceous plants, a mirror of water and an unasible biodiversity.
The disciplines that make up triathlon, which will have a route of 74 kilometers, are aerobism, kayaking and mountain biking.
Cristian Sosa, Argentine athletics champion and one of the organizers of the Triathlon, explained that they are “a group of friends, that we are carrying out the organization of competitions about a year and a half ago, privately.”

“The organization of this event arises from the little activity we have in the area of this type of competitions, both duathlon and triathlon,” said the athlete, noting that expectations are “give a good event and grow”.
Sosa estimated that the weather will be good and commented that they had a good call, so they expect more than 100 competitors,” and confirmed the participation of athletes from Rio Negro, General Roca,  Puerto Madryn , Sarmiento and Futaleufu, Chile”.

The test, followed, will consist of “two days of competition, where the three disciplines are carried out, which are kayaking, jogging and MTB (Mountain Bike) by bicycle, this has the particularity that is done in the two days the three tests, which wins the best time does”.
The first day will start with seven kilometers of jogging around the lagoon, continue with four kilometers of  kayaking  and ending with a 14 km journey.
The next day will start with seven kilometers of jogging along the same circuit, continue with six kilometers of kayaking and culminating with 34 kilometers of cycling.

Esquel Sports Secretary Juan Carlos Tardón said that “it is important to take advantage of the good weather that is accompanying us so that many athletes begin to face their preparation for this and for other goals.”
Among these he mentioned “the combined tests of the regional triathlon of Chapelco, San Martín de los Andes, Bariloche, Esquel and the challenge of the brave, in Esquel also”.
Before, his partner of Tourism, Mariano Riquelme, told this agency that the competition “serves for tourism activity to have movement in the months of low season” and assured that “the natural framework will turn this triathlon into an important tourism proposal”.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 18/04/2019

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