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Jujeños in danger of extinction in the Superliga

The absence of the main teams of that province in the Superliga has made the presence of Jujeños players in the first place in danger.


Jujuy knew how to have several players in the football elite Argentine. In the 90s, Jujeño players shone nationally and were protagonists of a special decade. For some, the last one where the most of the figures played in the country.

The great banner of Jujeño players was Ariel Ortega, the native of Libertador who shone in River and the Selection. He became a huge figure in South American football, to the point that he came to play World Cup games and be transferred to Europe.

Another great name, product in addition to local football, was Marcelo Herrera. The steering wheel, today Technician of Gymnastics, played in the wolf of Jujeño and in Gymnastics and Tiro de Salta until to land in Vélez, that winning team of Carlos Bianchi. He, too. native of Libertador, Marcos Gutiérrez, was a prominent figure in Hurricane and considered one of the best archers of those years.

To these names were added no less important and that had an added value due to the context of Jujeño players . Mario Lobo was one of those. His enormous presence in Gymnastics, which he took to the first several years, earned him the recognition of the world of big football. There were other comprovincials such as Manuel Guerrero and Daniel Juárez. In the 2000s, with the rise of Gómez's team, there were also Jujeño players in the first place. One of them was Gustavo Coronel, a key figure in the rise of 2005.

Times have changed

Today the story seems to be another. Almost 900 players participated in the 2018/19 Superliga in the 26 teams. The absence of Jujeños players was only interrupted by Marcelo Herrera, the 27-year-old defender from Ledesma. He started in Lanús, went through Talleres, Olimpo de Bahía Blanca and Belgrano and will now play for Defense and Justice.

All provinces were represented in this Superliga, but only three at its finest, and one of them is Jujuy. The another two with a single representative are Santa Cruz with Leonardo Gil, from Rio Gallegos, and Chubut with Mauricio Toni, by Comodoro Rivadavia.

The City of Buenos Aires has the most representatives in national football, with 89 players. There are 44 Rosarinos, 30 born in the city of Córdoba, 25 in Santa Fe capital and 13 in Paraná and the city of Mendoza. That is, always the capital of the province has the most representatives. This is not the case in the city of Santa Fe, which is relegated by Rosario, one of the great hotbeds in the country.

A city in the Interior that stands out above the rest is Concordia, Entre Ríos, the second poorest in the country. Nine Superliga players were born there and four of them joined the squad of Gimnasia La Plata.

The problem and hope

This drought is due to the absence of Jujeño teams in the Superliga, the possibility to show before all their best representatives. Today the ability to show the talent of players Jujeños depend on other teams. Also of the opportunities that these Jujeños win in reserves and lower clubs that are playing the Superleague.

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Publication Date: 12/02/2020

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