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Is there only one superclassic?

The Cordobese say no... The Cordovan superclassic competes River-Boca and here we tell you what it is. Is it that he beats him?

Many think that the Argentine superclassic is  River-Boca . While we can't take weight off that event, the truth is that Argentines have a lot of   classics  . Among so many  traditions , it is difficult to hierarchize them. But we are certain of something Cordobeses: the superclassic has other colors. In Cordovan territory the strongest of all is celestial against albiazul. The superclassic Cordovan par excellence is the one that faces Club Atletico Belgrano de Córdoba against Club Atletico Talleres. Translated into the language of  passion :  Cordovan Pirate  against  La T  .

The Cordovan superclassic was born in 1914 and until today does not stop adding followers. More and more streets have a painting that alludes to the teams. “22 x T” and “Pirata Cordobés” are the legends most found in the city murals. In Cordoba, the love of the shirt has the form of intervention. The city's poles, walls and cords are in the colors of these paintings. The passion that houses the estates of Barrio Jardín and Alberdi spread from their native neighborhoods to dyeing the entire province of  celeste and albiazul  respectively.

 The stadiums 

The Cordovan superclassic was bringing together football enthusiasts and fans that are part of the  puffada . Neither the Francisco Cabasés Stadium, nor Julio Cesar Villagra Stadium did so many effervescent hearts of passion. Despite doing spare parts, the grandstands were going girls. That made  La Boutique  and  the Alberdi Giant  not supply. Today the Cordovan superclassic is held at the  Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium , which has a capacity for  57,000 spectators . The superclassic is the event with the greatest call among all those held relatively frequently in the  Chateau .

With swollen or without puffy, locals or visitors, in the round trip matches, the Cordovan superclassic is a  party .

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