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Interview with Walter Luna: Part II

We talked to Walter Luna, the coach of the First Women's Racing Division of Córdoba, about the present and future of Cordoba football.


Walter Luna is a football specialist, among other things. He currently serves as DT in lower and first Racing Club de Córdoba. But it also targets larger projects, such as the Provincial Women's Football Team. For this reason, he tells us a little about the panorama of his work and the situation of the players in Cordoba.


How is the process of growth of football players in a Cordovan club like Racing?

We have the little school, and from that little school comes the First. Because to the Cordobes League, for the good action he has for women's football, he came up with take out Reserve. There is no reservation. Then, the whole school takes the leap to the First. So our job is that, to grow the girls of the little school. Contrain them, more than anything. Give them the chance. Because it's weird that a five or six year old girl decides to play football. And, if they come, they come with all fears, we have girls who have left because they have had their first bad experience. When hitting, some serious injury, and leave. Happens that, and to others that don't, and that follow. They stack up, they grow up. So, we from school we're making that leap to make girls.

What is your performance in women's football? Tell me a bit about your career in Racing in New Italy

Last year I started as a DT in Racing. I was in the lower ones. And they offered me the First and I said, “Well, let's go.” That illusion was a slap to me. Because we had nowhere to train. Clubs do not give much support to women's football, support is almost nil. I'm talking about clubs boys. I don't know what it's like in Talleres, Belgrano. Then we start like this, lung. We used to train on the street or rent courts, and so on. I'm from the south, and we were renting the football field 9 in my neighborhood. The only time a week we trained, we did it there. With Gabi Pereyra, who's the coordinator, we were driving the car full of girls.

How is the situation of top players in Cordovan football?

Girls not only play as a hobby, but also pay. They have a fee to cover to contribute to the club. We, as far as we can, with the tools we have, do everything we can to handle some right, give something more to the team.

Walter-luna-entrenador y equipo

What do you think should focus on to change the situation of the players? What are the main factors in making the situation so daunting?

The big problem with this is the League. Because, if the League were to force the clubs to give the necessary importance to women's football, it would be different. With everything that comes with. Because girls can't change in the street. We're going to the extreme, neither is a man. And today is the reality of women's football. Girls wear coaches cars as costumes.

What's the difference with the Men's First Football? Can you live off football when you dedicate yourself to the tournament

Publication Date: 19/04/2020

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