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Interview with skillful Rubens Sambueza, Neuquino crack in Mexico

We review the career of the experienced and skilled football player in Neuquino.

We interviewed Rubens Sambueza, the   Neuquino  crack who spends it in Mexico . A native of the town Mariano Moreno bordero Zapala, is one of the most skilled in the Mexican Football League

What sensations do you remember about your debut in River?

It's my turn to debut against Lanús as a visitor. Unfortunately we lost in the debut, but it's still a  very nice memory because we played a lot of youth . River at that time played the final of the South American and we called many of the reserve. With all the enthusiasm for playing, I walked on the court.  We couldn't win it, but that match filled me with satisfaction and not talking to my family . It was the nicest thing that could happen to us

And the day they told you, “You're going to River,” what do you remember?

The day they told me I was going to River  was amazing, I had a huge satisfaction because I was going to go to the club I'm a fan of.  A moment of great joy, the dream was fulfilling a little bit of being able to go to Buenos Aires to play a club.

What do you think of the nickname they once put on you: “canito”?

I like it. I debuted with Manuel Pellegrini but that tournament was the last one he directed. When the championship ends,  Leo Astrada comes and takes me to the preseason of the first team . That's where I start to become recognized in the summer matches and it is because of that play that they give me the nickname.  The spout as a resource in complicated, tight times , to get out of the mark of a rival.  We had a good preseason, we won the classics and had the chance to be in the first team . From that moment I had the nickname left and until today  it is a move that when I can make it, I do it. 

What do you like about Mexican football?

I like it to be so dynamic;  it is a football in which you always risk a lot, there are a lot of goals and, from the goalkeeper, everyone tries to play . The ball has to come out clean so there is a clear game idea. Because of my characteristics, this is good because when playing in the midfield,  I have a lot of time the ball and for me several plays pass.  That the ball reaches you clean and quiet is very important. In addition,  the teams reinforce themselves not to stay, but to leave champions.  Many figures come and that makes it more competitive.

Do you have a goal you've made and think it's your favorite?

I've got some goals in my memory, those pretty ones. One in particular,  the first playing first with River, against Newell's  in Rosario, was a goal. We won 3 to 2, they had a great team and so did we. I have to make the definitory, the third one for us to win. Afterwards, that  goal came out on the Primera Football program as the best goal of the date.  Besides, being the first one, I never forget it, and  in Mexico I have several free kick that I really liked  . When he played for America, one very nice to Atlas and another with Toluca to Morelia. Well-cornered free kicks

What was your best time in the first place?

The  first debut is indelible , a beautiful memory. Also in River, when  we won the local tournament in 2004,  it was a very nice thing. Play in the club of which I am a fan, next to Gallardo, Salas, Lucho González, Mascherano, Maxi Lopez, Constanzo... players who were figures in different teams. It was fulfilling a dream.

And the most difficult one?

 The issue of injuries is obviously always complicated for a player.  Against Independiente I had a difficult ankle injury, it marginalized me many dates without being able to play.

Some words for the people of Zapala and Mariano Moreno?

I was born in Mariano Moreno and as a boy I went to live in Zapala.I  really appreciate the people of both places . I'm grateful for being born there and for being there for the time I had, before I went to Buenos Aires.  Every time I have a vacation I go and try to visit all the family  and be able to be in the south, in Moreno, in Zapala. I also go a lot to the Neuquén  lake  region because  I love  fishing  .  So I enjoy it very much with the family, since I was very young I left my house.  I missed a lot to fulfill my dream  that was to debut first and make a career as a footballer. Then I had to leave the country; then I lost a lot more; out there people don't realize and think that as we are football players is always okay. But missing birthdays, holidays, and especially not being able to be with the people you love, is hard.  It's unrecoverable time, so when I have a vacation, I go and  people treat me very well. I just have words of thanks .

Any technical director who marked you?

From all I learned a lot,  everyone left me very positive things,  the first and the inferior ones. Obviously Manuel Pellegrini marked me because he gave me the possibility to debut first, but I couldn't choose a technician because they were all important

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