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Home People Sports In the big teams there is always an Argentinean.

In the big teams there is always an Argentinean.

The Argentine player (like the Argentine in general) has a great ability to adapt.

Roberto Pompei: great football player, great coach, great neighbor, best father, best grandfather. With deep sensitivity and transparency, “Tito” offers us his reflections on Argentines, the superclassic, its history, their projects and their family. - How do you see the Argentine player? -He is a very wanted player in the world, in the big teams there is always an Argentine. It goes beyond the player, in the great achievements of mankind there is always an Argentinean circling: an engineer, a doctor. Favaloro, Matera, etc. The Argentine adapts, the laburante takes his family forward. The Argentine player (like the Argentine in general) has a great ability to adapt, so they are looking for him in the international market. - How do you live today the next superclassic? - With nerves, knowing that it is a historic moment of Argentine football because it is something that is going to be difficult to repeat. Today I continue to participate in the Boca world: a game in the Boca Senior (although you enjoy more than the third time). We also travel, it's like a graduate trip at the age of 50. Being part of Boca I have a more sectorized look and I am waiting for a result from only one side. This superclassic will be a match that will go beyond the fans of Boca and River, there will be a whole country expectant, will mark the history of the two most important teams in Argentina. - How do you see the Argentine fan? -It's faithful: change car, home, even wife, but never change equipment. A fan suffered, because 90% are not from teams that win often and yet the passion remains intact. - How is the Argentine fan conceived from abroad? Like the soul of football. They come to see us and they don't watch the game, they come to see the puffy. - How was your player experience abroad? I lived 3 wonderful years from sports and personal, people adopt you, receive you. On the one hand it has to do with sports, but also how we are. I missed everything: driving on the cobblestone, the roast. That's what we are. Let's be as we are, there's nothing nicer than our country, than our people, than the neighborhood. A message from Tito to the Argentines. First, the admiration of being able to live in every Argentina we had: violent, with democracy, believing that we were in Hollywood, and again a very hard Argentina in 2000 and then again hope. It is admirable how the common Argentine can survive and settle again. On the other hand, the vast majority can pass on values to their children. I want to live in a country where you can be calm, that you can live and not survive, I don't like to live in fear that something happens to those we love. Living with all the lyrics.

Publication Date: 21/11/2018

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