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In Rio Tercero, the first was born

We tell you the story of a basketball star, from Rio Tercero, who consolidates itself as one of the most important players in Argentina.

 He is Pablo Prigioni,   the base that triumphed  since his beginnings with the orange ball. This star was born on  a day like today, May 17 , but in 1977. In Rio Tercero he took his first steps, but at a very young age he began to play in  recognized clubs.  

This  player was  part of what was called the   Golden Generation .  The team that brought us to glory and  delighted us with its magic . With unforgettable performances, Prigioni knew how to become a single entity, together with his colleagues. The team consolidated by  Manu Ginóbili ,  Oberto , Scola,  Delfino  and  other stars  that filled our hearts. This  team  played very important titles and represented us with his claw. Each of the players on the team had an  indescribable talent . However, together,  each one's talent was enhanced.  This team knew how to make the best of all. The Golden Generation moved as if it were only one body on the court. They complemented each other. The passes, the codes that only they understood, the strategies and the emotion.  Prigioni was part of this  passion . 

 The dream of the kid 

In 2012, he was offered to  join the  NBA  . The dream of the kid. The Yankee basketball league is the most prestigious. At the age of 35 he signed a three-season contract with the New York Knicks. It was the leap that would leave  an original mark on his career . Prigioni would  become the Cordovan , from Rio Tercero, which was part of the NBA.  A  legend . 

 After retiring in 2017,  at the age of 39, he began his career as a DT.  His first seasons were at Saski Baskonia, a club from which he retired after a poor performance. However, he did not give up.  He kept betting  on his leading side.

He is currently  an assistant coach at the Minnesota Timberwolves.  He's the only Argentine in the National Basketball Association. Which makes it a   national pride  . However, we know that soon we will have other personalities who are part of that league. Prigioni bets on that, and so do we.

Today, on the day of his birthday, we are those who receive a gift: that  Prigioni is Argentine. 

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