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If you ever lose, look for hiding

Theme of the week: the superfinal.

With the editors of Ser Argentino, creative and seasoned people if any, we have decided that from this week one of my tasks will be to define an important and broad topic, which cannot be covered in a single note and, therefore, to investigate it thoroughly producing what in the nineteenth century (century I love, by the way) would have been called “serial publication”. The best pens of the 1800 wrote this way and generated memorable pieces. I'm not saying it's going to be the case, huh. But I'm going to try it.This week the issue is not under discussion: on the weekend all Argentines, whether we are the painting that we are and even, whether we are interested in football or not, we are going to live a historical event. You see? I don't even have to mention it, and you know what I mean. That's the good thing about historical facts: they do not require much contextualization.This first note will talk about how each one arrives. Pros of Boca: it has less pressure, it is River who has to go out looking for the match. On the other hand, he tied the first leg when he deserved to have lost and that is nothing less: the champions win the matches they deserve, but also those they do not deserve. Cons of Boca: tied home, a priori the match in which you have to take advantage. Pros of River: define with its people. It is nothing less than the weather in instances like this. But keep that if 20 minutes of the second half go 0-0 this can turn against it. Another pro: Gallardo returns to the bank. Another: he tied as a visitor. Cons of River: the already mentioned “obligation” to look for the match and well, a little story.There are about 3 days and I'm already nervous. And I'm not a fan of either of us. How nice is it going to be on Saturday...
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