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“I still dream of a selection of people”

The new Director of Selection, spoke with the media at the Ezeiza site


First, President Claudio Tapia took the floor and introduced the Director of National Teams: "It is a pride that César (Menotti) is once again part of the football family. I have no doubt that a stage of growth and professionalism begins with him.”

Later, César Luis Menotti spoke with the press. Then his most prominent phrases:

- “I had never entered the Ezeiza site. President Tapia was the first to invite me.”

- “I love that the footballer knows what it's like to play in the National Team.”

- “I still dream of a selection of people”.

- “The figure of the coach of Argentina is above everything. I'll be there to accompany you, to help. I'll be in everything.”

- "I want a selection to train. We will evaluate the calendar, I want to strengthen the National Team of footballers who play in Argentina, so that the coach can work.”

- "Decisions are marked by my conduct. I'm never anywhere where I'm not comfortable.”

- "Argentina is a country that has very good players and is looking for a team. The teams are built like an orchestra, with good musicians but also with many rehearsals.”

- "I will never intervene in the coach's decisions. I'll be here to help, to advise.”

- “We will try to accompany a cultural development with professional football. That can only be done by the Argentine National Team.”

- “I want to unify criteria with club presidents and coaches.”

- “There is no sport that cares more for women than football.”

- “I am one of those who believe that there are many good players in Argentine football”.

- "When I look into the eyes of these technicians who are in the Selection today, I realize that they are full of enthusiasm. I am thrilled by the desire they have.”

Source: AFA

Publication Date: 29/01/2019

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