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“I started playing basketball by chance”

Andrea Boquete was league champion with Quimsa and now wants to repeat in Spain. Meanwhile, basketball selection demand.

A 28-year-old girl, but quite an experienced if we consider her vast career in national and international basketball. Friendly and gentle, at a distance and with time difference, answer a few questions. Andrea Boquete was born in Godoy Curz,  Mendoza , today stands out as 3 or eave and is currently fulfilling a new stage in  Europe . In this case, in the Patatas Hijolusa, from  Spain . However, the  orange ball  came into its life a long time ago.

“I started at age 8, because they took my sister and I followed her everywhere. It was just a chance he started playing basketball.  It could have been any other discipline , the truth.” And fate was not wrong: “At 16 I left  Mendoza . Since then I started a  professional life , so to speak. And since the age of 15 I have participated in national team processes.” Today sport is his job, but it still has outstanding accounts, and he recognizes that “I was very dedicated to basketball. I can live on it today. But the study is something that I have pending and that I would like to be able to resume.”

 2019 with the blue and white 

This year the  women's basketball team  has had to face many commitments. One of them was the  2019 Pan American Games in Lima . While they were marked by an error in the Gigantes clothing, which cost them the elimination in the group stage, Boquete keeps everything good: “There was a new group, a new coaching staff and a game philosophy that we all liked. We did good matches and there was a very good collective game. I think the road is long and  this group can get a lot of things . It's a matter of time and still believing.”

The  road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will begin in November. The first round will be the  Olympic qualifier in Bahía Blanca . “We hope to repeat the good performance we had in the Pan Americans. To meet again with feelings we had in those games and continue to improve as a team. There is a lot to improve and everyone's predisposition is always. We want to classify the February windows, but we have to go step by step.”

Finally, we asked Andrea about the progress that women's teams and national teams are having in all sports. And he said, “There are still differences. That, unfortunately, is evident. But it is also true that  today we are treading much stronger .”

Rating: 3.00/5.