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Humiliation or respect?

The world cup ended and we must return to our beloved local football. Is scoring 8 goals to an opponent a way to demerish him?

The world cup ended and we must return to our beloved local football. How difficult it is to see some matches in our league after having witnessed that constant dream team clash, as if we had got used to eating it involves every day to suddenly have to replace it with noodles foxyalitos. But well, the fundamental part of the good things about life is that they are sporadic, that's what their category of “special” lies. In the long run, if we ate every day it means, wouldn't there come a time when we'd hate her? I would say no today, of course, but I never did the test. (And I think I don't want to do it.)

In short, the first matches of our clubs were for the Copa Argentina. And within those matches, there were two cases of first team goals against ascending teams: Independiente made Central Ballester 8 (the most unbalanced result since the tournament exists) and River 7 to Central Norte.

And here came an interesting discussion, which I allow me to bring to this page. There is a stance that exclaims that, given the differences in budget, squad and sports quality, making 8 goals to an opponent is a way to disdeserve it, that they should have “lifted the foot of the throttle” a little earlier and simply go round without “humiliating” the opponent. Well, let me dissent. The best way to respect the rival is to play full machine, whether Central Ballester or Real Madrid. Wouldn't it be a harder humiliation to “play walking” because “we're going to beat them anyway”?

I am increasingly convinced that in life, we have to do anything we do (by anything I mean ANYTHING) in the best possible way, in full machine. Half to compete is to live half. And that is not only a disrespect for the rival, it is also for the fan (own and others), for the viewer, and, ultimately, for ourselves.

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