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Heal up. That's what this is about.

Argentine football is changing at the institutional level. And the first step, surely driven by the AFA, is that the clubs are starting to heal.

Sanearse. De eso se trata

What until recently was unthinkable is beginning to come true: clubs are beginning to heal.

One believed that with Chiqui Tapia was not going to happen; it was more of the same. But the man is doing excellent management. At the institutional level, at the selection level. Respect, seriousness, austerity. A good work plan is in sight behind.

As in the country, things are starting to move on


There is a part of this puzzle that is Argentine football, which is fundamental and is happening. Clubs start to heal financially and grow from there.

And that's how it should happen. You can't live on loan from the AFA. You can't keep robbing and looting clubs. The government ended up with the dump that was Football for everyone and now we have to adjust to reality. It was not right that, in the end, the money of our taxes went into the pockets of the leaders.

There are several examples in our football that are already seen. Perhaps the most emblematic, for being the last champion, is Racing.

Victor White, Captain

Victor White is the captain, but of the ship. A ship that was drifting. Blanco and his team started by not spending more than they received. Sort and foresee. For example, you already know what they will spend in 2020.

They started with a deficit of 500,000 pesos per month and a debt of 20 million dollars. Today they have a controlled deficit. Revenue covers 85% of operating expenses and the rest is covered by extra revenue, as accounted for by player sales. That way they don't have to sell the squad. The partners almost doubled. The court is almost occupied with tickets and partners. The AFA's rights revenues increased. And by sponsors. And they're thinking of expanding “The Cylinder.”

Sanearse paid off

as well as in other clubs, sanitizing was the key that led Racing to improve in all aspects. One believes it is healthy for the players, but a quiet leadership and an orderly club lead to a better job. And so Racing was a fair Superleague champion.

There will now be improvements in contracts with sponsors, perhaps with the AFA, more partners, increases in locations and increases for players. Round like a ball.

Clubs are starting to heal. It's about time. Argentine football will improve, as soon as everyone follows the path opened by Racing, River, Talleres and some more.

Publication Date: 08/06/2019

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