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Gabriela Parola and support for athletes

Córdoba Gabriela Parola is a pioneer in sports journalism among women and provides her gaze to optimize support for athletes.


“Women's gaze transforms the world and transforms communication,” says  Gabriela Parola . And it is that premise that led her way into sports journalism 30 years ago. Even though matter was an  exclusive space for men .

That's why “Gabi” is a pioneer. Always next to  amateur sport . Also know about management for 20 years of work at the  Córdoba Deportes Agency . It then proposes “thinking about a municipal, provincial and national sports policy.”

 How do you imagine journalism from here to 2030? 

I came from another century, because I started in '89, I had to go through a lot of changes. Before the topic was how to get with the media we had at the time, which was basically a pay phone. My files were notes from  La Voz del Interior , and I had a folder for athletes of the time. It's all within reach now. You have everything easy. And at the time I didn't imagine all this. Actually, with this maelstrom of technology, I can't imagine it.

 From your experience, how do you see the role of women in journalism? 

 Women  's empowerment has naturally occurred. Beyond that many things have happened, and they were necessary perhaps to revalue our gaze and our task, which is as important as that of man. This question of considering  equality  must also include man. We don't have to go to the other end of our being valid, the best. We have to do it together with the man. Do not isolate ourselves and revalue our own to the detriment of man. At the time I started there was a lot of machismo. The theme is conquest for one's own value of one's work. No matter gender or genitality, it matters the ability to be there.

 How do we have to support ourselves so that, by 2030, we can tell another reality of sport? 

In these 20 years I have seen sports policies grow tremendously, although it is always little to continue growing. Maybe we need to do another resource engineering. Maybe  the commitment  of the private, or take out of some tax an amount that goes to the coffers of the sports budget... We have to create a new engineering for resources, because sports policies are there.  Cordoba is a pioneer , but to make the quality leap we need a more expensive budget. We should now think about municipal, provincial and national sports policy. The sport of initiation, social sport, at the municipal level; that of medium and high competition, in the provincial. And the  very high sporting performance  should be covered by the national level.

SOURCE:  Mundo D 

Publication Date: 12/03/2020

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