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Fueguinos are coping the cyber clues

Cyber tracks are successful during the quarantine: the Talapinos Dirt Rally Championship and the Tierra del Fuego Dirt Rally Championship began.

The  social and mandatory isolation  measures that have aroused the global coronavirus pandemic  have led to more and more  fueguinos  to lean to play racing on cyber tracks.  Racing is passionate and played with Play Station or by computer, through the game manufactured by Codemasters, Dirt Rally 2.0.

In the last month, the first editions of the  Talapinos Dirt Rally Championship and the Tierra del Fuego Dirt Rally Championship took place.  And the second editions have already started! In these second versions, each  championship  has almost a hundred registrants between Argentines and Chileans,  who have joined in the  automotive  passion and are willing to kill the boredom of  quarantine  , preferably  above the cyber tracks. 

 Races take place in different locations around the world  that are virtually represented within the game. In this way,  fueguinos are allowed walks that transcend the boundaries of the quarantine .

 The championships 

 In its provincial version, the  Tierra del Fuego Dirt Rally Championship   has been organized by Mateo García and is sponsored by the sports media MZL Deportes y Apitur  (Association of Tourism Drivers and Rally of Tierra del Fuego). In its first edition, the championship was attended by guests from the world of the  rally  such as Luciano Preto, Ivo Herrera and Martín Scuncio.  The second edition of the tournament has 90 registered. 

 In the local version, the bases of the Talapinos Dirt Rally are Ushuaia, with the organization of MZL Deportes.  The second edition of this championship  has 96 registered.  Talapinos is segmented into divisions “A” and “B”, and competing five promotions and descents between the categories.

In a national and global context of social isolation,  the  sports world  's commitment to virtual proposals continues to rise  and there are a number of fueguino virtual drivers that take advantage of it.

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