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For me, it's record

One player made them all in the same match

They faced  Hurricane  and Deportivo Lara for the  Copa Libertadores  . And we started hard: Depor  never lost to an Argentine team  in the cup. Sure, they also did not play 100 times (only 3), but the record is there.

And during the match, the hecatombe.

Lara's player,  Bernaldo Manzano, made them all . At 9' he sent her inside, in prison. The 39' got yellow. At 44', he put in exquisite assistance, so that David Centeno would mark the 2-0 transient. An almost perfect first time.

Now  in the second, the debacle . Averaging the game time, he put it back into the bow, but with the little detail that this time was against. They didn't improve things for Bernaldo, given that 5' later, at 68, he got the second yellow and the red one.

Summing up: a goal, a yellow one, an assist, a goal against and a red one.  Everything in the same match . You see it in a movie and you say, “Look at these Americans how exaggerated they are!”

Rating: 3.50/5.