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Ferro turns 115 years old

Ferro Carril Oeste is one of the oldest clubs in Buenos Aires and celebrates its 115 years with an exceptional cultural event.

Ferro Carril Oeste will celebrate 115 years of its  foundation . Occurred on July 28, 1904. As part of the celebrations the  Caballito  club will hold a cultural event between 11 and 17 with free admission.

The central events will be held in the Multideportivo 2 gym. Located on Martín de Gainza street. Where the main event will be held with stands and workshops on the history of the institution. As reported by the club on its official website.

There will also be activities organized by the subcommission on Human Rights. The Subcommittee on History, Statistics and Museums will offer a permanent exhibition in the hall of the basketball gym Hector Etchart.

Guided tours of the football field and professional football costumes will also be organized, among other activities.

 Ferro Carril Oeste  was founded by a group of employees of the then Ferrocarril del Oeste (present-day Linea Sarmiento), mostly of English origin.

Since that time the club is located in the same place in the traditional  Caballito  neighborhood in the geographical center of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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