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Fernando Valenzuela, from Santiago to Famalicao

A tour of the race of Santiagueño striker Fernando Valenzuela, who takes momentum on every step presented to him.

 Fernando Valenzuela started playing  football  in his native Santiago, at the Los Galguitos school and, at only 11 years old, arrived in Buenos Aires to continue his dream. After trying in different clubs, the santiagueño leaned to  Racing , the club for which his father sympathizes. In this regard, the player said: “When I was a kid I liked Racing, because people and how they encouraged when they were fighting not to descend, and because we were sympathizers with my dad,” he commented on his sympathy for this club.

In the inferior he met  Lautaro Martínez and Brian Mansilla,  who did not hesitate to qualify him as one of the new jewels of the seedbed. In 2014 he was promoted to the first squad and, after two years, he played his only match, against Independiente, a friendly that took place in  Mar del Plata,  which ended with the 3-1 win for the Academy. Everything seemed to march on wheels, however, during the winter of that year the DT Facundo Sava gave him the bad news that he was no longer going to count on him, as there was an overpopulation of strikers on the professional squad.

“The only thing he told me was that I wasn't going to keep in mind and that I was going to play elsewhere because at the time it was sounding that Chicago wanted me on loan. They gave me no choice and I left,” said  Valenzuela . For this reason, he had no choice and dropped from category and went on loan to Nueva Chicago, where he played some twenty matches and scored his first professional goal against Juventud Unida, from Gualeguaychú. A while later he returned to  Racing  and ran into the same reality. He only had a year of contract left and spent it between the booking and training alone, because they were not going to take it into account anymore.

“I had the chance to go to Rome when I was a kid, I had practically everything closed, and Milito came to the locker room and said 'Stay, Fer, you're going to be the future. ' And I, being a kid and coming to speak Milito, decided to bet on making a name here before I went outside. But after that they didn't give me a chance to show me. Anyway, I don't have a thorn left, that's past tense,” he recalls.

 A bad pass 

Valenzuela fell again, but this time there were two steps, to wear the Barracas Central shirt, in Metropolitan B: “When that possibility arose, Alejandro Nanía was the DT. He called me and told me he was going to play. He loved me yes or yes. I had offers from teams from Spain, but my representative told me about going down and reinventing myself. I was able to surrender and I am grateful to Barracas,” said the  santiagueño .

It should be noted that, in the club led by the Tapia, Valenzuela managed to position, as he scored 19 goals in 38 matches.In this way, he took momentum and his career started again towards the ascent, achieving with the albirrojos a place in the National B and becoming a regular call of Fernando Batista for the youth selected. In this regard, it should be emphasized that with the team, he managed to win the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Lima.

At that time, Fernando Batista, coach of the U20 and Sub 23 teams of Argentina, referred to the santiagueño player. “Fernando is a very good technically player, an incarator, with a lot of personality. I know him of having faced him as a coach when he was in eighth and seventh position in Racing. Always the highlights of the rivals are scoring them. And for the Pan Americans, I thought about him, he was doing a great tournament in the B, and I'm not surprised by his present. He had to put on the team's jersey and he didn't weigh him. I'm very happy about his pass to Europe, because it will be a quality leap in other aspects, since football has already demonstrated its conditions,” he said.

In this regard, Valenzuela valued his accompaniment. “Bocha Batista gave me a lot of confidence since I arrived and the selection, logically, gives you a lot of hierarchy. Wearing that shirt is something very nice for me, it gave me another stained glass window and it also gave my game a lot of intensity, as I played with first division and European players,” Valenzuela valued.

 Taking momentum 

As climbed on a roller coaster, it was time to be on top, Famalicao's proposal came. He not only played, but also helped consolidate a competitive team that for much of the Primera Liga season was in qualifying positions for European cups, which in early June, beat Porto. “I have been following it and it is a team that is growing, it is the revelation of the Portuguese tournament. I will try to live up and give my best,” Valenzuela commented on his beginnings in this new challenge that was presented to him. He also added: “We were already talking to my representative, luckily we were able to close. Not anyone can make the way to Europe and I am very happy about that,” he said.

“I spoke to Nehuén Pérez and he gave me good references in every sense of the club and the city,” said Valenzuela, who at age 23 entered Europe for Portugal.

 Famalicao tied against Boavista 

On October 25, 2020, the team that has santiagueño  Fernando Valenzuela  as a striker tied 2-2 against Boavista, in one of the matches for the fifth date of the Portuguese football league.

For Boavista, French defender Yanis Hamache scored in the second half, at 24 minutes and Spaniard Javi Garcia at 30 minutes, and the Portuguese steering wheel Ruben Lameiras tied for the home team at 40 minutes in the second half and Brazilian Robert Jhonata at 49 minutes of equal periodo.

In this way,  Fernando Valenzuela  continues to fulfill his dreams, which awakens pride in the people of Santiago.

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