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Esteban Andrada's health incident in Ecuador detonated a new intern in Boca

The goalkeeper arrived in Guayaquil for the Libertadores match. But, as a COVID-19 test in the Ecuadorian city proved positive, you will have to stay ten days in that country until you reverse that result, when you can enter Argentina without problems.

 Boca Juniors'  1-0 defeat against Ecuador's Barcelona on Tuesday for Copa Libertadores was in the background, beyond the result cut the undefeated that Miguel Ángel Russo's team had in that competition. The criticism of raising a little love of the xeneize technician who left many headlines in the bank, entering them soon after the match already with the result set, quickly disappeared from the news focus due to a bigger problem. The impossibility of having Esteban Andrada in the boquense arch, when testing positive in a barely flat Guayaquil test, caused a huge scale scandal that was enhanced by other situations.


As soon as it was known that the Ribera squad was returning on a charter flight to Buenos Aires and the goalkeeper had to remain isolated in his room of the hotel where the team of the Argentinean team stayed, opened a controversy in the face of the sloppiness with which this squad was handled at the time of their checkups sanitary, after the match he played on Sunday morning against Lanús winning home by the slightest difference, securing or place in the final phase of the League Cup. Having arrived in the Ecuadorian city with the RCP held in Buenos Aires for the match with Lanús, the surprise hit the Boquense delegation hard when the goalkeeper's positive jumped from a long period without playing in the first team.


Once  Boca Juniors  got on the plane leaving the goalkeeper “abandoned” in the city of Guayaquil, the first person to put the cry in the sky was the wife of the qualified goalkeeper, who in appearances by networks and telephone communications hit him everywhere to the Football Council of the xeneize institution, another scandal of this team where Juan Román Riquelme is the visible head, following the surprise resignation of vice president Mario Daniel Pergolini several weeks ago. Nerina Galazo, definitely furious about the treatment they gave to her partner by leaving him alone in Ecuador fired hellish ammunition everywhere, causing what seemed to be a sanitary control failure to charge in a few seconds a scale of international scandal with uncontrolled piping.


 Boca Juniors  returned to Buenos Aires obviously altered by what happened in Guayaquil and a few hours after the episode that occurred in Ecuadorian land, began the efforts with the Argentine ambassador in that country to seek a accelerated solution in this regard. Having obtained a sanitary plane to be able to transfer the player to our country, naturally what caused a collapse in the maneuvers of recovery of the Boquense goalkeeper was the sanitary clauses existing to date, where it is strictly prohibited the entry of persons accusing the Therefore, until the result of all tests in Ecuador made to the goalkeeper of negative, the prominent owner of the xeneize arch until mid-March, must remain isolated in his room of the hotel in Guayaquil in order to return to our territory.



Stayed in a charming hotel near the stadium where Boca Juniors lost to Barcelona on Tuesday by the slightest difference, Esteban Andrada finally spoke from Ecuador,

the result of an interview given to ESPN, a sports station that quickly of reflexes managed to contact the goalkeeper in this uncertain health status after last Tuesday's testing on foreign soil. The manager of the three sticks said that this incident prior to the match with the Ecuadorian team “could have been avoided,” a talk where he added that “he is well,” a note requesting that “someone be responsible for what happened.” The goalkeeper could not fly with all his teammates to return to Argentina after the defeat in Ecuador by Copa Libertadores, a test that forced him to isolate him in a room at the Milton Hotel in that town.


Andrada in his statements confirmed that “it feels good and is “asymptomatic,” an interview where he also pointed out that “I have just been swab again to see if the viral load I had is low. That's where I might be negative and get out of the country, and now they're going to do another test from the people of the Ministry. I wish I can quickly go back to the bow and make all the people of Boca happy.” Bothered by this operational disorderness that denounced the absence of testing before traveling to Ecuador for the Libertadores match, the goalkeeper was very angry at every consultation and remarked that “I did not come for a walk, I did not come to know Guayaquil beach. I came to work. The truth is very shocking everything and there is a lot of uncertainty. I'm waiting to see what solution they're going to give him. All I ask is that someone take responsibility for all this,” said Esteban Andrada in an extensive talk with the sports signal ESPN.


The goalkeeper explained with details what happened in those last days. “When we arrived in Ecuador, Sunday's RCP had tested positive. I had a lot of bad luck. I had been swabbed two or three days before and nothing had happened. It could have been avoided with a test on Saturday, but I had a lot of bad luck. We had gone out on Sunday with the RCP on Friday, because they didn't get to swab us before Lanús, and for Tuesday's match in Ecuador we needed to present another one. Then to leave the country there we could use Friday's, but to play we had to become one that demands Conmebol”, which tested positive causing the player's isolation. While the new tests to the Argentine goalkeeper are awaiting, Boca continues its preparation before the last date, in which he must be measured by the Professional League Cup against Patronato, match where DT Miguel Ángel Russo could put a team mostly composed of alternates, since so I would take advantage of its early ranking to give rest to some footballers who drag a lot of minutes played.


The next match of the xeneizes outside the local tournament will be against Santos, which will be next Tuesday in Brazil, for the fourth round of Group C of the Copa Libertadores de América. The truth is that while Esteban Andrada remains isolated in Ecuador until his health status changes, the boquense squad will play this Saturday in front of Patronato at 18 hours, opportunity in which the team that would go on the court would be made up of Javier García; Julio Buffarini, Carlos Zambrano, Renzo Giampaoli or Marcos Rojo and Emmanuel Mas; Leonardo Jara, Jorman Campuzano or Ezequiel Fernandez and Gonzalo Maroni; Exequiel Zeballos, Franco Soldano and Agustín Obando. Taking advantage of the enormous comfort of the room where it remains isolated, the Boquense goalkeeper staying in the Ecuadorian city, will take the opportunity to watch the matches of his teammates both the weekend for the local Cup, identical experience on Tuesday when those on the riverside play a very difficult match on ground Brazilian in front of the complicated Santos.

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