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Enrique Pieretto Heiland: the Cordovan angel

Enrique Pieretto is the Cordovan who is breaking it on the other side of the puddle. We tell you all about this tackling rugbier.

Enrique Pieretto Heiland (2)

After an impeccable career in Argentina, Enrique Pieretto was summoned to join the Exeter Chiefssquad. From the Club Athletic de Córdoba (CAC), which saw birth and growth, even the English club nonstop. He signed contract with the director Rob Baxter and, from there, he won't stop saving him. the potatoes at the club. Henry Pieretto is the right pillar, and he is the angel who saved the Exeter.

Enrique Pieretto started at Athletic, from there he went straight to Los Pumitas (Argentina youth team M20). Then join the Jaguars in Super Rugby. And, after a tour with the Barbarians, it is played with the Exeter Chiefs shirt.

The Way

All this happened after the impeccable performance with the Jaguares, the provincial team, in 2019. He was signed by the Exeter technical staff, and he stayed. “Kike”, as his friends call it, fell from the sky to this club that was suffering from the serious injuries of its most important players.

Rob Baxter, director of the club, bet on the kid with all his chips. “We have was able to see some of his movements, both at the club and at the international level and, at the 24 years of age, it looks great, although we can still work on it and pull out even more profit from his game, which is enormously exciting,” he tells the media. He is confident that Enrique Pieretto will do his best. As a pillar right, it's a ten, and the club it You know. We from here make him the Hold on.

The boy wore the black and red CAC, the one of the provincial team and now the English coat. It's a crack. From the South Zone of Cordoba, southwest of England, 310 km from London. A little trip, huh? We follow him wherever he goes.

Come on! Kike!

Publication Date: 07/01/2020

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