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Doubts about the return of football

Get to know the bids between clubs and sports agencies for the return of football.

The  COVID-19  pandemic stopped life in unimaginable ways; almost 100% of activities were suspended and sport, of course, was no exception.  In our country, with  what football players we are , we suffer every day without being able to see the ball roll . The professional leagues returned to the ring with protocols and without an audience, but, in the minor leagues, this year was not played . The decrease in cases and the proximity of the vaccine make it possible to think a  close horizon with the round in action again.  However, the difficult economic situation experienced by clubs called “boys”, makes the  return of football a longing and at the same time a headache .

The sports news of  La Pampa makes football activity in the province a  paradigmatic case of what happens in the rest of the country.iacute; s . In mid-December, the Undersecretary of Sports of the Ministry of Social Development, Ceferino Almudevar, presented an  action plan for the return of official activity in the province . The undersecretary's pretensions are to make 2021 a normal year in terms of football,  playing since March and respecting the schedule.  The recipients of this plan, that is, the representatives of the Cultural and Pampeana leagues, are not entirely happy with the novelty.

The main complaint is the lack of public, since  without face-to-face spectators, clubs would lose almost all their income:  “Given this response the two leagues agree that it is impossible to play without public, because the coffers of the clubs do not give and none could organize events to raise money in 2020,” said  Luis Ovin, Leader of the Pampeana Football League.  While Amudevar said that “  from January they will be able to start training with 10 players, and in February with a total of 24 players ” so the pretensions are fixed.

The Undersecretary concluded that “we are going to get back together in a short term to define this last issue which is the most important to confirm and start tournaments.” Days ago, the member of the provincial cabinet, had indicated that  the decision of the public's presence would depend on the epidemiological status that the province is going through at that time . The Provincial league of majors, is composed of 8 teams per league and its format will be maintained; while that of lower divisions, has not yet resolved what will be the competition mechanism.

 The teams that make up the Provincial Football League in La Pampa, are as follows: 

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