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Don't blame the night, don't blame the beach...

Maradona always so argento, blaming others for her failures.

Rare and controversial “ El Diego ”. Yeah, I know:  I don't find out anything .

Okay. I just tell you the new one of the ten. He played his Dorados against Deer and came up with him, right in that match, to release a shirt. “Weird,” I mean, because  any football player who is self-respecting, knows that, by cabal, no jersey is released in goat match . In 86, Argentina came out champion wearing Le Coq Sportif. For the 90, Adidas entered and  Bilardo made him take the 3 strips out of his pants , so that they were the same as those of the conquest... Maybe the ten was emboldened; maybe the marketing manager of the T-shirts brand was grabbed with a couple of tequilas on it and pressed what in the world of sports clothing can be a fatal business. Go to know.

“Weird and controversial,” I mean. I justify the “controversial”: the new Dorados shirt has celestial straps on the chest, on the white background,  in clear homage to the national albiceleste coat . A demonstration of affection from the club to Diego, in the middle of the many rumors to which the former astro is accustomed to in these situations and that they say that Mexico leaves. What did ten do?  He blamed the homage-homage of his team's tie . He said the judge threw them to the hype for reminiscent of our country. I told you it was controversial.

They played badly; he didn't get to win, Diego. Nothing else.

Rating: 0/5.