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Do you know him?

The Argentine interior is full of stories of great athletes who are little known. Here's the one of the Correntino José Pablo Serpa. Do you know him?

Do you know him? Possibly not. Because like José Pablo Serpa there must be many. The interior of Argentina is full of stories of people dedicated exclusively to  sport , without reaching public notoriety. Not for that, they have not managed to excel in various sports disciplines.  Jose, a few years ago, broke it in judo. He doesn't practice it so much anymore . At 33, he works as a father and works in a beverage distributor.

Getting far in sport or becoming a  professional sportsman  in the interior of our country is not an easy task.  It's not just about “being good at something” , but also about other issues. Like, for example, having the support of the family, a neighborhood club or a municipality. Even, counting on these things, sometimes Life (with capital letters) is responsible for diverting the sports trajectory to other ports. Port “I had family”, port “I need money”, port “I fell in love”, port “I had to move”, etc. But, if something these stories teach us, it is that the goal of sport is not necessarily to be the best. But to gain learning, values and friendships.

 Biography of a little-known sportsman 

Do you know him? His friends call him “Pablito.” He currently lives in the city of Bariloche, from where he remembers his golden years in sport. In those times, Pablito made  great achievements in judo . He competed in the Judo Youth  World Championship  in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In addition, he managed to stay with the National Apertura (Santa Fe) and Clausura (Corrientes) tournaments. He also came out second at the international tournament Centro de la República in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba. For all these exploits,  Corrientes Race Club  crowned him the winner of the prestigious 2006 Gold Race Award.

Do you know him now? Maybe a little more. That's enough! Because, for the correntino, the main benefit of the sport is not popularity. It is respect, and often think things twice before acting.

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