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Do they “fix” matches in football?

Will it be true that in Argentine football matches are “fixed” like in other leagues? Very little is known. And there are a lot of suspicions with name and surname.


Old subject, if there is, whether matches are arranged in football. More than anything, in  Argentine football .

Because in the world there are several examples.  Three grand such as Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina descended in Italy  . “La Juve” also got his two previous championships. And all three started their championships in series B with points subtraction. The same happened to Milan, who remained in Serie A, with subtraction of points and could not play the European Champions League 2006/07. I think it was the biggest scandal in world football. Oh, alas, alas, our ancestors...

 In local football, we have only suspicions . It seems that “Don Julio”, the former capo of the AFA, would know how to hide the “arrangements” in the best football. Perhaps the most popular of us is  Argentina - Peru  of the 78 World Cup. We had to win by difference of 4 and finished 6 -1. With a Peruvian team that didn't play as for such a thrashing... There was even talk about a briefcase with $1 million in the Peruvian locker room.

Another much commented was a  Boca - San Martín de Tucumán . Opening 92. Boca came from 11 years without titles and needed 1 point to be crowned champion. If he lost and  River  won, the champion was “The Millionaire.” “ Bombonbonera .” The unbiased story says that  Ricardo Solves nailed 1 - 0  for St. Martin. And that  not only did he not celebrate it , but his companions did not come to greet him. Then Boca tied. And the second half, it seemed that the one who crossed the rival camp was expelled...

Recently  “El cabezón” Ruggeri  confessed to an arrangement in a friendly Argentina - Croatia. He was in the last friendly  team  before playing the 94 World Cup in USA. The overwhelming Argentina of  “El Coco” Basile  came from three or four matches and arrived in the European country dead of tiredness. The next day, during the match, they could not move their legs. Then “ El Diego ” arranged in the middle of the court, with Suker, “a non-aggression pact.” 0 - 0 pitiful.  At least this wasn't for twine... 

We all think that matches are also arranged in our country. Which  is an open secret . Not so well kept. And many times, even with very little disguised complicities.

 We suggest you continue reading the following note: 

La cuarentena de los retosThe Quarantine of Challenges

Publication Date: 03/05/2020

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