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Did you know that in our country there is another superclassic?

Football is not the only sport with rivals of a lifetime.

In Road Tourism we have another superclassic with many coincidences with the world famous River vs Boca, but in turn with many differences to think: Ford vs Chevrolet.This rivalry started back in 1937 with the first TC champion, Eduardo Pedrazzini, who was driving a Ford V8, and then followed with great champions of both brands: the Galvez brothers (Ford), Fangio (Chevrolet), the Emiliozzi brothers (Ford) and the still current Guillermo Ortelli (Chevrolet), among others. And here I pause to mention Juan María Traverso, who was the only one in history to win the Argentine TC Championship with both brands.This superclassic has very particular things worth being highlighted. The most significant is that it is carried out every time you run a CT race. How is this? Very simple: there are 16 dates a year and each of them gather more than 60 thousand people per day, during the three days that the event lasts, it runs where it runs. Ford swollen calls itself “La 4” and Chevrolet ¨La 15¨. The names correspond to the number of the grandstand that each swollen occupies historically at the Buenos Aires City racetrack. Undoubtedly there are 16 Superclassics a year, where Chevrolet and Ford fans coexist in total peace and harmony (with the inevitable ones loaded, it is clear), but always correcting the differences in sports tastes with a good roast and flying the flags of friendship and love for the fierros. Something that I hope someday we can see in Argentine football that we love so much.

Publication Date: 29/11/2018

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By: juan gilardi 29 November, 2018

felicitaciones muy buena nota

By: Raul 16 January, 2020


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