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News in the Disciplinary Subcommittee

Two new members joined the Sub-Commission: Juan José Díaz Alberdi and Justo Saavedra. Interview with Dr. Rafael Cuneo Libarona, head of Subco.

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Two new members joined the Sub-Commission: Juan José Díaz Alberdi and Justo Saavedra. Interview with Dr. Rafael Cuneo Libarona, head of Subco.

The pole becomes one of the first sports to add to its Subcommittee on Disciplinary, two personalities closely linked to the game: a first-level referee and an active player, two very important actors for the pole, who will give another vision in the search for impartiality, justice and decision-making regarding sanctions and regulations in force.

The new members are Juan José Díaz Alberdi and Justo Saavedra . To talk about their entry and other news, we talked to Dr. Rafael Cuneo Libarona , president of the Subcommittee on Disciplinary.

On the admission of both, “Rafa” commented that “Both Juanjo and Justo  are going to contribute a lot to us. The first is a recognized and respected referee and his knowledge will provide us with a valuable countenance for decision-making, the analysis of the reports of judges, the study of inconduct and other related issues. Meanwhile, Justo Saavedra, is a very loved and respected player in the environment, who has played with professionals and amateurs of all levels, tournaments of various handicap and, therefore, knows very well the backroom of each situation.” 

When asked why he chose a referee and an active polist, Cuneo Libarona stated that “ I never liked the format of 'director/ desk/tie. ' It takes pen and work, but it also requires 'street and changing area' to understand various issues that are sometimes the most important. 

 We understand that a proper Disciplinary Subcommittee also conforms with 'every glance' and the larger the fan, the better we will be prepared. The presence of a referee in Discipline gives the polist and the referee in general greater certainty about the criterion of application of a possible sanction.Also, the presence of a professional player collaborates a lot in understanding complex gaming situations that, I repeat, 'from a desk and with a tie, 'cannot be seen with the sharpness of a player's experience.” 

Finally, the head of the subcommittee gave us an overall balance of the management at the head of Discipline: “It is  100% positive. Professional players were the most disciplined. They quickly understood that a penalty hurts their professional career and organization, conspires against their high costs and their equipment is harmed.Today, the amateur player is more undisciplined, contrary to what everyone thinks. 

 The incorporation of the captain's tape, the imprint of responsibility to his team, the judge's direct and exclusive dialogue with the captain, who is the one who absorbs his teams' comments, coupled with the innovation of the double yellow card with 2 minutes off the court, have generated a tremendous change in favor of the play and discipline. We hope to continue to grow and that cases of indiscipline on and off the field will be less and less.” 


Publication Date: 06/08/2019

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