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Daniela Díaz: a journey inside the coach of Belgrano

Coach Daniela Díaz shouted champion with Pirate in her first experience as DT. Now he's going for the Copa Córdoba. And for much more.


She was crowned champion with Belgrano of the Women's League Cordobesa, being the first woman to achieve it. Daniela Díaz, tell us how your journey was until you got here. It was her first experience as a coach and she had to start on the 2nd date, with a classic.

Daniela had played in Racing, Belgrano, Boca and UAI Urquiza. In all of them he won titles and even played a Copa Libertadores . Now the challenge was to be on the other side of the line leading the reins of a team that came from not achieving the championship in 2018.

Daniela Díaz told what it was like to return to Belgrano after seven years. In addition, he talked about his teachers in football and what he tried to instill his players in the short working time.

A few weeks after you've achieved the title, what things do you value from that moment?

The previous week we had a lot of anxiety and desire to play it. I tried to convey calm to my players. During the game I lived it quiet and then I had a hard time falling. Only when I saw all the repercussions it had, because of the purple shirt and the fact that she was the first woman to win as a coach. I dropped the file when I was written by people from Buenos Aires, media from there that only talk about Afa and now I was talking about Belgrano.

When you had to join the club, how long has it been since you visited the site as one more, as part of the institution?

It was a long time and it was very nostalgic. I spent hours there training, I knew every corner. Now it changed, the property is beautiful, I had already come to visit. Feeling a part again was really nice. Several teachers greeted me, remembered me. It was the place that gave me the basis for playing outside. Now as a coach, I enjoy it the same way.

What did you run into the first few days? What surprised things you didn't know?

I met a lot of former classmates who had that passion and desire to train intact, like when they were 20 years old. They're still there today, and that's really exciting. I was looking forward to meeting the new leaders that the team had. I liked that part of going to make a diagnosis of each one. In fact, I rotated a lot during the tournament, made most of them play. I gradually discovered and discovered myself.

It was up to you to start with the tournament running and without preseason, what were your first basic concepts that you came down to the squad?

I came with a lot of experience as a player, having gone through many locker rooms and knowing how to handle the different personalities that are in a team. That wasn't a problem for me. I did come with a base to mark the court with values, especially respect and companionship. That was the first thing I came in and the decisions I made were to put that in place. Then in football I may be wrong or someone may like one system more than another.

Do you think your time at the club and your career gave you a certain back to get to your players?

Publication Date: 15/12/2019

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