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Daniela Díaz: a trip inside the Belgrano coach

Coach Daniela Díaz shouted champion with Pirata in her first experience as DT. Now he's going for the Cordoba Cup. And for much more.


She was crowned champion with  Belgrano  of the  Women's Cordobesa League,  being the first woman to achieve it.  Daniela Díaz , tell us how your journey was to get here. It was  her first experience as a coach  and she had to start on the 2nd date, with  a classic .

Daniela had played in  Racing,  Belgrano , Boca and UAI Urquiza.  In all he won titles and even played  a  Copa Libertadores   . Now the challenge was to be on the other side of the line taking the reins of a team that came from not achieving the championship in 2018.

Daniela Diaz told how it was like to be a part of Belgrano again after seven years. In addition, he talked about  his masters in football  and what triedinstill their players in the short working time.

 A few weeks after you've achieved the title, what things do you value at that moment? 

The previous week we had a lot of anxiety and desire to play it. I tried to convey calm to my players. During the game I lived it quietly and then it  took a hard time for me to fall . Only when I saw all the repercussions it had, for the violet shirt and the fact that she was  the first woman to win as a coach . I dropped the record when people from Buenos Aires wrote to me, media there that only talk about Afa and now I was talking about Belgrano.

 When you had to join the club, how long have you been visiting the property as one more, as part of the institution? 

It was a long time ago and everything was very nostalgic. I spent hours there training, I knew every corner. Now he changed, the property is beautiful, he had already come to visit. To feel part again was very nice. Several teachers greeted me, remembered me. It was the place that gave me the base to go play outside. Now as a coach, I enjoy it the same.

 What did you meet the first few days? What were you surprised that you didn't know?  

I ran into a lot of ex-companions who had that passion and desire to train intact, like when they were 20 years old. They're still there today and that's very exciting. I was expecting to meet the new leaders that the team had. I liked that part of going to make a diagnosis of each one. In fact, I rotated a lot during the tournament, made almost everyone play. I was discovering little by little and discovering myself.

 You had to start with the tournament underway and without preseason, what were your first basics that you went down to the squad? 

I came with a lot of experience as a player, having gone through many changing rooms and knowing how to handle the different personalities that are in a team. That wasn't a problem for me. I did come with a base of  marking the court with values , especially respect and fellowship. That was the first thing I came in and the decisions I was making were to leave that well settled. After football, I can be wrong or someone might like one system more than another.

 Do you think your time through the club and your career gave you a certain back to reach your players? 

I think it was important but not decisive. What ends up winning respect is day-to-day work, seriousness and respect. They are not interested if you played  in Boca or a Libertadores , they are interested in taking them as footballers. They realize if you know or not. There are very young girls who don't know who I am. That's why work is the key.

 Were you afraid or doubts before you started? 

I didn't have fears, the truth is that I was very happy, I loved the challenge. I like to win everything and I knew it was a team to make it. That's where you have that fear of failure because of self-demand. I had to start  in a classic  against Talleres and we pulled it forward with experience, because in a week we couldn't work much.

 What football aspects do they talk about you as a coach in this Belgrano team? 

Although Belgrano always tried to do it with all his coaches, what I tried to instill them is  playing down . With many departures from the arquera. When we didn't have the ball we had to get it back very quickly. Then we worked some movements that in the last matches did not need to be marked, they went out alone. I try not to be from the outside indicating all the time, but they will notice and read the game. They are  very smart players  and that way of playing makes them comfortable. Little by little they were convinced. Likewise, the courts are not always the best, so it is to make them understand that when you can  't, you don't have to get complicated . One key match was with Medea, who finished 0 to 0 in the first half and I told them we had to keep looking down that way.  They give it  to  us and there they finished convincing.

 What things about the different coaches you had do you feel that you're applying today in Belgrano? 

I had great coaches and from all I learned a lot. How to wear the groups of Alejandro Gimeno (former DT of Racing), who was almost a psychologist. He had  a lot of group management , chose a lot of captains and not just one. Football aspects I got from Germán Portanova, who directed me at UAI Urquiza. I liked how passionate he was at every training and then off the field he was a very quiet person. From my Boca coach, Marcela Lesich, I adopted that simple playing thing, pressing it right up. I got something out of all. Little by little I'll find  my own version .

SOURCE:  Mundo D 

Publication Date: 15/12/2019

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