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Crusaders for football and literature

Two fans of Club Deportivo Maipú got into the adventure of writing the story of the Crusader. Matches, goals and anecdotes.


Authors, writers and fans   Dario Pizzolato and Federico Berna   presented a new installment of   Heart Crusader   . This is the saga of books (will be 5) that began to publish a few years ago, with   statistics and information   Club Deportivo Maipú, and whose reception in fans and the general public has been extremely positive.

“We already introduced the volume one, two years ago and it was very successful, with very good acceptance by the public and fans. And now, after a 6-year effort, we present the   volumes 2 and 3, which are the most statistical   ”, clarifies Berna. The author elaborates on the term “statistical”: “the fan will be able to find year by year, tournament to tournament, match by match, goal to goal absolutely the entire history of Maipú.   There is no missing match in history and no authors of any goal.”  

  A hard work  

As you can imagine, it is a very hard and complex work. The boys thought to work in a certain number of years, but ended up taking data from a period that consists of almost twice as much time. It was possible thanks to a   a compilation that in the first instance made some memorials such as Rodolfo Moyano and Chino Zabala, prominent local journalists. “With their input, the complete statistics were obtained from 1916 to 1986.   And then, with Carlos Furlani we were able to complete the work, as he treasures all the cuts that once came out in a newspaper about Maipú.”

Young people say that “thanks to them the work was faster, if it would have taken us 10 more years, there are very difficult matches to find and there were different means in the data. That's why we had to go to the Mendocina League, some mistakes were able to save them and others were pending.   But 99.99% is collected   ”.

  What is coming  

The Crusader saga consists of 5 deliveries, so there is no time to waste. ”   We're starting to work on volumes 4 and 5   . Four is going to be multiple authors. Each subtitle is going to be done by a different author. We've called on journalists, fans, writers to help us. We expect it to be in a year and a half. But volume 5 we still don't know what it's going to be. Much is missing.”


Club Deportivo Maipú receives different nicknames such as:   Wine Rack, Cross or Superdepor   . It is a historic football club from Mendoza, but that, for many years, has been playing in the third category of Argentine football, today called   “Federal A”   . However, this year is going through the   best campaign since you are in this competition   and their fans are excited about the rise.

Publication Date: 14/05/2020

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