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Cordovan football league: a bit of history and current affairs

The Cordobesa football league is the parent organization of all the clubs in Córdoba. Some are undoubtedly the most important clubs in the city.


The Cordovan league that we enjoyed so much by footballers underwent many changes throughout history. And its birth dates back more than 100 years. It was founded on July 29, 1913, under the name of “the Cordobese Football Federation”. The first competition had as protagonists the teams of Agronomía, Argentino, Belgrano, San Martín, Córdoba Athletic (first division). Also Argentine Peñarol, Central Córdoba, National School, General Paz, Olympic Children, San Isidro and South American (second division). Some of these clubs no longer exist.

The top achievements at the national level are the runner-up of the national workshops in 1977 and Racing in 1980. And — perhaps it is not an achievement, but it is a success — Belgrano's rise in 2011 against River. Especially because of the prestige of the rival and what that triumph meant worldwide.

The current situation

If we compare them, for example, with other clubs such as those of the Rosarina league, the Cordobesa League is currently quite neglected. The state of the football courts is not suitable for playing. Both the playing fields and the infrastructure (stands, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.) are not in a position to accommodate people. The related audience is scarce. Thus, the money generated is little. Therefore players and technicians who participate are not well paid because they do not earn a salary. Arbitrators are sometimes unprotected by security, which are also part of this whole area.

The clubs that participate in AFA still have outstanding accounts regarding sports titles with their people. And it's really a lot. For example, Talleres and Belgrano, each, plays with an average of 20,000 people in local condition. However, in their history the clubs had institutional setbacks of bad management that led them to bankruptcy. At present they have eliminated these disadvantages and aspire to project Cordoba's football in the place it deserves to be.

We deserve beautiful miracles. Will they happen?

He deserves it for the large number of players who were conceived in “la docta”, which is not a minor detail. Many were and are part of national teams and international clubs. The current cases of Cordoba players are Paulo Dybala, who is scoring many goals in Italy, and Franco Vázquez, who is also breaking it in Palermo. And Cordoba footballers are not well appreciated by the coach of the Argentine football team. Beyond that he summoned Javier Pastore.

That's how we are in Cordoba. Let's hope those missing titlesarrive. And that those who run national football start looking at Cordoba with other eyes, not just with those of the business. This city and the Cordovan League deserve it.

SOURCE: The Left Journal

Publication Date: 10/12/2019

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