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Contemporary poetry Volume VI

This time we're going to take care of Hurricane.


Welcome all to a new edition of Contemporary Poetry, perhaps the section I enjoy writing the most. This time we will take care of Hurricane, one of the clubs (taking out the Bohemian, of which I am a fan) with which I most sympathize. I don't like that they haven't won anything, but well, maybe at that point lies part of my sympathy:  the human being, for some strange reason, tends to empathize a priori with the weak . Anyway. Let's go to our thing. The topic starts like this:

When I die/I want my drawer
to be red and white/ like my heart

The poem starts with everything. First of all, I want to highlight  the romantic potential  of the author to start the piece, from its first verse, with a reference to death itself. If they read it, the Germans would consider it one of their own.  Schiller, Goethe and Hölderlin could be quietly hurricane fans  (I'm sure they would have been). We're still.

And if we lose/I don't have a problem I
'm every day more swoller/of the Balloon and Burning

In this second stanza, as happens  only with the great masterpieces of literature , poetry allows philosophy to strain between its loopholes. Accepting defeat not only with dignity and hidalguide but already almost with happiness  is an attitude that only a philosopher can have.  It is noted that the poet has such training. In the second verse we find a recurring topic of the genre: it is mentioned that passion and love for the club not only do not diminish but increase daily, even it is possible to measure it in days. Does anyone want their kids a little more every day? How is it possible to measure it? How much did you want them yesterday? How long before yesterday?  What is the criterion of measurement of love?  These are questions for which I have no answers, because I don't have, unfortunately, the sensitivity of a poet.  Again, I can only take off my hat in front of the author's ability . We're still.

Come on the burners/I come to see you
we have the Butteler rags.

Maybe one of the poorest stanzas. Every poet has its ups and downs, in fact, I am convinced that it is only possible to admire beauty in its entirety if next door there is ugliness to contrast it.  What would be of light without darkness?  And the colors without the dark? Would we fully understand the idea of happiness if we did not experience sadness, even if it is every so often? Given the poet's ability, I am convinced that  he interspersed a poor stanza just to highlight the rest.  Now yes, the last one:

Play in first/and see you champion
spend my life/running to the Cyclone.

 The author left his best for the end.  The first verse of the last stanza manages to condense, with a synthesis capacity only comparable to the best world poetic tradition, two points as dissimilar in the life of the fan as a Borgean enumeration. At first, it seems that playing first is already a reason for joy, but then it is no longer enough, now he wants to be champion. It is like the relationship one has with the loved one: he  expects everything from her, but does not demand anything from him . Everything is fine, everything is a cause for joy, but at the same time, expectations are only the highest. How did the poet summarize such a concept in six words? Magic.  It's the magic of talent.  Finally, a perfect closure: the hyperbole of spending your life running “to the cyclone”, which is also an abstract entity, an institution.  That is, the perfect handling of two very complex figures to master: hyperbole and metaphor, gathered in one line.  Finally, the elision of the second proposition: “Spend my life running to the Cyclone,” so what? Don't you get the feeling that something else is missing? Of course it's missing. It's the hole that fills the reader. Only masterpieces manage to involve the reader in that way.  And this is undoubtedly a masterpiece. 

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Publication Date: 19/03/2019

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