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Contemporary poetry Vol VII

We had no other left, someday we had to take care of the bitter team in Argentina.


Dear, dear, in this section so dear to me, was missing, I can not deny it, a poem that represents one of the five greatest of Argentine football: Club Atletico Independiente. In this case, poetry is somewhat different from those we have analyzed at the time (at the end of the note you can find the links to each of them) because we are facing a poetic breakthrough, in front of what avant-gardes would consider as a spearhead, as an innovation, as the non plus ultra of poetry and literature and even of art as a whole - a procedural piece.

What exactly is a piece of procedure? A work of art (in this case it is poetry, but it can apply to any of the branches) in which the artistic fact is given by the way in which a motive or resource is repeated. That said it seems perorata by Mariano Grondona, but do not think it is a complex concept, with the example we will understand it perfectly. It says like this:

 It's the racing/ the ones who run around Avellaneda. 

Well, there's not much to add, is there? The first verse is easily internalized, goes to the point. Good start. We continue

 It's the boca's boca/those who run through the Bombonera. 

Do you understand what I meant by “procedure”? Look at how it starts working:

 It's the Fucking River/ those who run down Alsina Street.  
 It's the raven's whores who come with the police. 

In addition to the procedure, of course, the rhyme of “Alsina” with “police” is very good, since the original decision of the poet, with all certainty, was to use the word “police”, and to have found another that rhymes with a word with such a strange sonority speaks of someone with a more than important mastery of the language. But it doesn't end here. Like every good artist, the poet, once he is sure he masters the technique he interests, he launches himself, with enthusiasm and courage and hidalguide, to conquer another mechanism, another resource, another tool of art. And this is how it changes, from a stroke, the tone and the topic of the poem to move on to the following:

 Che Bostero don't break my balls/oh oh, 
 Argentina has only one King of Cups/oh oh, 

You might think there's some procedure in the “oh oh” at the end, and we wouldn't be missing the truth. It's not so easy to abandon something when it turned out successful. Let's not be more papists than the pope. Let's go to the end of the poem, to the whole orchestra:

 which will be called forever Independiente, 
 and not a White and Celeste company, 
 and not a White and Celeste company. 

A great closing with the Chicana a Racing, necessary for any poetry of the stadiums. I hope you liked it as much as I did. Long live football! How bitter you are, Indesingent!

PS 1: The song is sung with the music of Los Rodríguez's “Para no forgetting”. You can see it here  , in case you want to have it as a reference.

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Publication Date: 05/05/2019

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