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Central Córdoba, the first big in the interior

Central Córdoba is a team in Santiago that today plays the Superliga and was the first of the interior to win in Capital Federal, against a great.


Santiago del Estero is living an unforgettable football season with a first team and hosting the Copa América. This is due to the evolution of football in Santiago and the constant investment made in that province. Central Córdoba is the main reference of the sport of Santiago today, and it fights to remain in the Superliga.

They are known as “Los ferroviarios”, but many of Santiago prefer to call them “El primer grande del interior”. If we talk about promotiontournaments, there are other teams that have won much more than Central Cordoba. But his nickname speaks about the first triumph of an interior team against a big one in Buenos Aires.

With 100 years of history, the Railwayers won their chance to play with the big ones in 1967. Something that was made possible thanks to the management of Valentín Suárez, a Banfieldleader. He encouraged the incorporation of teams from the interior to a special tournament. Central Córdoba won the regional and accompanied by San Martín de Mendoza, San Lorenzo de Mar del Plata and Chaco For Ever.

The first date was against “The Biggest,” River, but the result was not as expected: they lost by 1 to 0. And in the next four dates they could barely rescue a draw, so they remained at the bottom of the table. But one of the most victorious moments in the history of the Railwayers would come a Mother's Day in 1967.

The first big in the interior

On Sunday, October 15, 1967 Central Córdoba set foot for the first time La Bombonera in a match that would go into the history of Santiago del Estero and also Argentine football. The railways won 2-1 with goals from Marcelo Aranda and Manuel Rojas, and Rattín for the home. That was the first victory of an interior club indirectly affiliated to the AFA in the nation's capital. In addition, it was against a big team like Boca, which had figures such as Roma, Rattín, Madunga and Simeone.

Central Córdoba was respected and respected in Capital Federal, in a stadium held by the “Half Mas Uno”. The Santiagueños won their recognition and were applauded by Boca fans.

Other exploits

Today with a present in big football it is difficult to define what is the most important achievement. Whatever it is, they all contribute to the historic construction of this club. They won the promotion in 2019 to the Superliga, and also played the final of the Argentine Cup, one of the most federal tournaments in our country, in which they lost to River again, but showed their strength.

Publication Date: 05/06/2020

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