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Can Bonsegundo return to the Argentine National Team?

Just over four months ago the Cordobesa did not see the albiceleste coat of the selection because of its differences with the DT.

The   Argentine women's team  closed some days ago one of the  most important years in its history.  With the unprecedented performance  in a World Cup , the first medal in a Pan American and the great visibility. This 2019 was the take-off of the discipline in our country. But there is a stain (or mole) that still leaves a bitter taste and takes away power  inside the court .

On July 15, when the list came out for the  Pan American Games in Lima , there were three important players missing. Among them, Captain Estefania Banini. The Cordovan  Florencia Bonsegundo  was summoned, but decided to get off in solidarity with her companions. According to them, coach Carlos Borrello “erased” them from the team. His reason was that it leaked that a group of players wanted a change in driving.

That day,  the Morteros native  posted this message on Instagram. “While 18 companions put together the bag for the Pan American Games, I decide to remove myself from that list. The reason for this  difficult and painful decision  is for not sharing decisions of that technical staff. Those who are not up to or at the level that a selection requires. Where the players had to face not only powers on the court but also the lack of solutions outside it. We need professional people, who leave differences aside supporting what a group needs. And not crossing out referents for raising his voice,” he wrote.

What followed

It was just over four months after that turbulent day and there has been no change on either side yet. After the tournament in Lima, the team played two matches in Brazil and then in November faced Paraguay and Colombia. Borrello's words were always the words of wanting  to “see other players”, think about the “renewal”, and that “nobody was erased here.”  While these phrases can be discussed in detail by analyzing each call. The Bonsegundo case is different.

The coaching staff of the Albiceleste was last weekend in Córdoba capital,  observing players  for the major and the sub 20. It was two intense days where almost 200 players from the Cordoba League and the region were tested.  The coach of the team  commented on the situation of Florence Bonsegundo:

“It's a trite issue and it's already closed. I quoted her and she didn't come. I didn't throw any of them out. Three were not quoted and one was, and it did not come”, started the DT.

Borrello again insisted on the leave by Cordobesa's own decision. Notoriously it was not well received by the coaching staff, as was the player's release. “Not coming to the selection is one thing... you have a right, but you have to take care of it. Also of the words that are said,” he added.

Finally, when asked about whether there was the possibility of a talk between the two to file roughness, the DT ruled it out. “Here is a coach-player relationship,  I have no other kind of relationship. I just respect. There are no friends with her or any . We're big,” he closed.

At least so far, we don't see any changes in the coach's decisions. Will there be a change from Buonsegundo? Let's hope so...

SOURCE:  Mundo D 

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