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Boca and River will play twice the superclassic in less than 90 days

Next Sunday, with time to define, xeneizes and millionaires will be measured in the Bombonera for a place in the semifinals of the Professional League Cup, but once the Copa America is over, they will meet again in an indoor stadium for the Copa Argentina.

Lovers of the most important  superclassic  in the history of Argentine football do not stop rubbing their hands and reasons are not lacking, since the number of times xeneizes and millionaires are playing this match by different definitions turned the top match of Argentine football into a great repetitive phenomenon that will now add for those things of fate another encounter with the crossing of both institutions fighting for a place in the semifinals of the Professional League Cup. When they were second in Pool B despite their pathetic 1-0 defeat with an alternate team against Patronato on Saturday afternoon, those led by Miguel Ángel Russo will face third in Pool A, that is to say the millionaires, who last Sunday overwhelmed Aldosivi de Mar del Plata with a 4 to 1 demolisher, thus generating by its locations on the table and the crossings scheduled for the quarterfinals another great clash for happiness of lovers of this match.


In the current season Boca Juniors and River Plate faced twice, both plays in the mythical Bombonera, repeating as a result a lean draw that generated disagreement in both campuses, understanding that luck did not accompany them on the two occasions they played at Brandsen Street stadium On Saturday, January 2 — yes, two days after the new year's holiday — Boca received River for the Diego Maradona Cup match, a very entertaining match that had everything, adding a very special detail on that night: it was the first crossing in the history of the  superclassic  that was played without public, because of the sanitary restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Boca won it in the first half with a sting of Ramón Wanchope Abila, River tied him in the last quarter of an hour with a subtle header of Federico Girotti, increased Colombian Santos Borré for the millionaires and missing only four minutes Carlos Tévez a great pass to Villa so that the forward beat Armani by decreeing final equality.


On Sunday 14 March, just two months from that first match in 2021, they met again in the Bombonera, for the Professional League Cup and wanted the draw that the xeneizes were home again for the intercross match of zones A and B, a match that did not have the vibration or emotions of the developed at the beginning this year's in the Ribera neighborhood. Sebastián Villa opened quickly for the locals and when Boca dominated the match, a against defined on the net by Agustín Palavecino stamp the draw, match that showed a tactical recovery of those led by Miguel Ángel Russo, making it clear that the superiority exhibited by the Marcelo Gallardo's team in previous clashes was losing strength match by match. Then each team settled in their area after some irregularities that continued in the case of River until the last date, when winning 4 to 1 to Aldosivi got third place in Group A, behind Colón and Estudiantes. That location and the second place achieved by his archrival in Group B determined that they will meet again next weekend. As Boca got better location in the comparison, he will have the benefit of playing in his stadium, thus generating the sequence of three  superclassics  in a row played in the Bombonera.



Unlike the previous two crosses played this year, this time there will be a winner to establish a semifinalist in the Professional League Cup, match that culminating straight will go to the definition by shots from the point of the penalty, an unlengthened mechanic that tries to avoid the player wear amid some international commitments that unfold during these weeks. Both Boca and River will arrive at the match next Sunday 16 in May at 17:30 hours in the Bombonera, quite rattled physically because during the current week both institutions will have really defining commitments for the Copa Libertadores when it comes to qualifying for the next round of the continental competition. Boca foreseeing that situation, put on Saturday in his visit to the stadium of Patronato a team of substitutes and some headlines, a mix on the court that did not show basting or sustenance to maintain at least equality in the store, match that after the goal of the provincial team left to the bare that Russo did not have to do so. iacute; has designed an appropriate strategy to offer resistance in the final match of the qualifying phase. His second place in zone B remained at risk, because if Talleres beat Lanús in la Fortaleza, Russo's leadership would have been third, but as Sand's team asserted the location winning 1 to 0, the results and locations allowed “magically” the appearance of another coveted superclassic for next weekend to be played in the Bombonera.


This entertaining sequence of matches that the classic rivals are playing in the current season will have in the coming months another clash between both formations, something that will happen with a date to be defined after the end of the Copa América that will be played in our nation and Colombia, as long as the latter country improves the social climate and clashes between the Duque government and the opposition forces cease. The match to be played by  Boca Juniors  and  River Plate  after this national team tournament, corresponds to the new elimination round of the Copa Argentina, a match that could be developed in the middle or end of July in an interior club. The proposal made to play it in the new stadium built in Santiago del Estero, inaugurated by the Super Cup that River won Racing by 5 to 0 appears as an option, although the boqueases will seek to take the match to another province, without defining yet in which field they would want to make this match.


The most interesting thing about a season in which both rivals hold this great match that mobilizes fans from all over the territory, is that after the match corresponding to the Copa Argentina, they could still cross twice more throughout the second half. The first match that Boca and River could sustain after this crossing, is in the hypothetical case that both advance in their Copa Libertadores groups, a clash that would take place in the quarterfinals or semifinals with a round trip match, during August or September. The two most important institutions in our nation will still play a new game on Monumental's lawn with the next local cup, a match that if no surprises could be played in October on the River court. For all who enjoy one way or another this match, whether or not they are fans of the teams that fight the superbattle of all time, is that the result of operational coincidences or competition regulations, River Plate and Boca Juniors would be closing the 2021 season with a minimum of six superclassics in different stadiums. The nearest story will be found next Sunday afternoon and after two draws, yes or yes there will be a winner on the night of the traditional holiday, with the consequents charged on shift for the losers.

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