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Atlético Tucumán: football and inclusion

Atlético Tucumán scored a before and after with the inauguration of the Department of Gender and Equity, where they seek to include women in football.

Atlético Tucumán

On October 27, a historic event took place in  Tucumán, where football and inclusion positioned Club Atlético Tucumán at the forefront of Primera División clubs.of national football by creating and implementing its  Department   of Gender and Equity. 

It should be noted that, through the signing of an agreement between the Women's Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Development and the Tucumán Atlético Club, this advance was made, as it is the first club in northern Argentina to open this area, with the aim of including women and fighting with  gender - based violence .

The agreement was signed at the José Fierro stadium and the department was put into operation. Meanwhile,  María del Carmen Carrillo , Secretary of State for Women, along with  Mario Leito, president of Atlético Tucumán club signed as representatives and became strategic partners to combat this problem.

During the inauguration,  Carrillo  thanked and congratulated the leaders and recognized their courage in deciding to open a gender office in such a complex context. “I think it is a very important step forward in striving for equal rights and opportunities,” he said. He also recalled that the Secretariat and the club had already carried out joint actions to make the problem visible and that it was now institutionalized and shaped to continue working.

In addition, the Secretary of State for Women said that this initiative will serve as an example for other  clubs , as “sport is massive, and send a message of equal rights and opportunities through theeacute; s of this club will generate a lot of repercussions,” he said. He said that “in terms of violence, Tucumán is moving in high numbers and this initiative is a great contribution to the constant fight against violence.”

In his turn,  Leito  said that “it is not another day, we are carrying forward the creation of the Gender Department of the institution, a pioneer in sports and inclusion of women for their participation, but it is always necessary to advance on other issues. In the framework of the agreement, we want to move forward by seeking the inclusion of all those who want to do sports, lowering the barriers that impede equality and equity. This is our big challenge,” said Atlético Tucumán's president. She also indicated that the club wants to live up to and give answers to the women's collective that is struggling to achieve equality and inclusion.

In addition, in this line, he referred to the professionalization of the women's football squad.  Leito  said that it is a dream that arose from the participants of the discipline themselves, and indicated that the board of directors were always attentive to the goal that the players can play at the highest level and that, although the main difficulty is economic, find themselves working to fulfill this dream.

   Meanwhile  ,  Councilman  Gonzalo Carrillo  , who is a member of the Board, congratulated the Secretary for Women and her team for the great work they have done in the fight to end the  violence . “From the club, I am proud to be part of a commission that won a lot from sports and from the institutional level strengthened and this is a sign of that,” he said. In turn, he said, “We hope it will be a fact that will mark the way for other clubs in the province to have their Department of Equity and Gender. I congratulate those who made this possible and hope that it will continue in the best way to end the violence that is strongly affecting women's daily lives.”

The inauguration included (virtual) national references from the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports:  María del Valle Aguilar , National Director of Gender Violence Prevention Policies;  Martha Linares,  National Director of Comprehensive Assistance to Victims of Gender-based Violence;  Inés Arrondo  , National Secretary of Sports; and  Guillermina Gordoa  , National Director of Gender Policies.

In this way,  Club Atlético Tucumán  commits itself, through football, to combat gender violence, a very latent problem in our province.

Publication Date: 03/11/2020

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