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At the age of 59 she is a fivefold champion in releases

Mercedes Larrauri, the “teacher” who at 59 years was consecrated five champion in throws in Mendoza. We tell you his story.


As part of the 40th Master National  Athletics  Championship, Mercedes celebrated in a big way. The retired physical education teacher showed that she remains more active than ever, as she consecrated five national champion in launch. He won the  top positions in Bala, Disco, Javelin, Hammer and Martelete . In the latter, he debuted with a weight of 7,260 kg for his category.

While this month celebrated  59 years of life , for her the years do not remain. In fact, it is an attitude he assumes to life. That same attitude that led her to dream big from  Comodoro Rivadavia , a city where she has lived since 1972.

Today Mercedes celebrates with his daughter Ornella, who followed in his footsteps. The young woman became the last comodorense consecrated as a national high jump champion a few years ago.

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“I have no problem with age.  I started athletics in 6th grade  with an EF teacher who took us to the stadium. From then on, and until the age of 19, I always participated in provincial intercollegial premises, Evita and National. Then I studied for EF teacher, part in  Santa Fe  and culminated in the first promotion in Comodoro,” says Mercedes.

“As a teacher I always encouraged my students to practice athletics, handball and sports gymnastics. I am an IAAF level 1 judge and actively collaborate in the track tournaments. I used to dedicate myself to jumps. Above all, long jump (my best record was 5.25 m). It also ran 100 meters (12.7) as a complement. Now I'm making releases,” he describes.

Master started in 2010, and injuries to her knees and operations conditioned her in jumps. “In  Mendoza  I participated in the 5 releases: bullet, disco, javelin, hammer and martelete. And I came out first in the five. That's five national champion. In addition, I participated in post 4 by 100 in category 50 and we got a silver medal,” said Larrauri.

When he looks at his tour, Mercedes does not lose enthusiasm or conviction because he maintains that  there is always reason to celebrate . “It motivates me to follow physical activity, health, love of athletics, social part, knowing. It is definitely beautiful to be able to participate in this stage of life. To see people 80 years and over running, jumping, throwing, is priceless,” he concluded.

 SOURCE:  El Patagonian Newspaper

Publication Date: 25/10/2019

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